Horses Of the Future

Monday, December 27, 2010

Liz Austin
The up-and-coming Grand Prix horse, Harmony's Galant, has been with Austin since last October and has improved tremendously in the last year. Galant is a 10-year-old Hanoverian gelding sired by Grandeseigneur out of a Eklatant mare. "He's a very sensitive horse who tries incredibly hard. We've had a great year at Prix St. Georges and Intermediare 1, but I think his real place is going to be in the Grand Prix ring. I'm looking forward to doing some national shows in Florida with him. I think he has unlimited potential and a very, very bright future. Plus, he's one of those horses that makes friends wherever he goes- at almost every show someone compares his personality to that of a "big dog"- which makes him incredibly fun to be around. He always wants to be into whatever I'm doing. It makes my job so much more fun when I feel like the horses love what they do and like to go on adventures to new places."

Austin tells us that she hopes in 2011 to gain a few new clients and/or sponsors for horses in the 6-years-old to 8-years-old range. "We have a lot of youngsters coming up and at the moment I have Olivier (Fizzy) and Galant at the FEI levels, but of course I would love to have a few more horses between. But we'll see. Maybe my calling will be bringing the baby horses along."


"Babies make the world go 'round and I love baby horses!" Austin exclaims when we ask her about any prospects from her mother's breeding program she has coming up. "A few years ago we started investing in mares that had more trakehner and thoroughbred blood to breed to Olivier. In fact, the first mare we purchased was a direct daughter of Doruto- one of the last in the world. Doruto is famous for siring many, many Grand Prix dressage horses, and also for putting on a very nice work ethic. We got two foals from her before she could no longer be bred. Coltrane, the three-year-old, is my current obsession. He is a ridiculously good mover and has the best temperament. I see so much of both his parents in him, and I think he is a real throwback to his grandfather, Doruto. His little sister, Dorina, is an even better mover and type."

"We were also given two very good broodmares a few years ago, including a Balzflug x Dutchboy mare that is one of the best movers I've ever seen. An injury sidelined her from having a riding career, but she gave us one of the best Fizzy foals we've ever had this year. Flirtieni (who desperately needs a barn name!) is super modern in her type with a ton of movement. We also have a two-year-old filly from the same mare line as Olivier, so a little line-bred. She's more of a Gelderlander type and somehow came out looking exactly like Olivier’s mother. Same markings and everything! She is very special. Finally we have a two-year-old stallion out of a trakehner mare by Vincent." With all these offspring in the wings, Liz says the goal is to start them all under saddle over the next few years and pick a few to keep. The others will be for sale to approved show homes.

With five horses from her breeding program in full training for the Florida winter of 2011, Austin is excited about not only her own prospects but for those of her clients and students as well.

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