HorseMarket Flash Sale! Three Days Only - Don't Miss Out on Our First Sale Ever! May 4-6, 2015

Saturday, May 2, 2015
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Monte Carlo - Sold out of Canada!
Monte Carlo - Sold out of Canada!

We are so happy to be getting a steady stream of great testimonials from satisfied clients that tell us what a great venue DressageDaily's HorseMarket is for advertising dressage horses! We strive to help you get the word out to a large group of dressage enthusiast through not only our DressageDaily HorseMarket section, but through extensive social medai campaigns and a feature in out award winning newsletter that goes out to over 6,000+ verified names! As a thank you to both loyal advertsiers and new friends, we are offering our first ever HorseMarket Flash Sale! (Check out the details below!)

A Happy Client - "I have put many horses for sale on DressageDaily through the years, and has always been satisfied with the service. Their team is very efficient and helpful. They helped me sell many horses and I am very grateful for it! I would definitly recommend using DressageDaily to advertise your horse!" - Mathilde Blais Tétreault.

Wilbur sold in less than one month!
Wilbur sold in less than one month!

***For 3 days only! - May 4-6, 2015 - we will offer a savings of $25.00 making the cost of an ad $175 for the sale.  For the ads purchased during the sale, you horse will also receive a one time feature on the Front Page of DressageDaily.com! The normal cost of an ad is $200 and did we mention that our ads NO LONGER EXPIRE so your horse stays online until SOLD!

"Thank you Dressage Daily and Horse Market for providing the dressage community with an easy and reliable way to market our dressage horses. I think the clear pricing helps identify trends in the market." - Regards, Kelly Layne

List your horses now and get maximum exposure for maximum value! Questions? Email HorseMarket Manager Liz Ruggiero - liz@horsesdaily.com. Check out the latest listings below!