Horse Trainers and Coaches Use ThinLine Shock Absorbing Saddle Pads to Help HorsesStay Tuned Up

Tuesday, January 12, 2016
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Horse Trainers double up non slip and shock absorbing saddle pads pads during schooling or when a horse is more advanced than a rider. While it is no surprise doubling ThinLine pads helps sore backed horses, we were excited to discover many trainers are using double thickness ThinLine to “slightly dull” the riders seat on highly trained horses. When horses are in training, professionals are working hard to create balanced horses who are able to respond quickly to light and sensitive aids. Frequently it takes some time for owners, or riders taking lessons on upper level horses, to develop a quiet seat and give appropriate aids. In order not to dull the horse, trainers are using double pads to “mute” the extra noises of riders seats and upper legs so the horses can stay responsive.

Trainers are having students ride with an extra ThinLine basic english pad or Basic Western Pad on days they are not under the watchful eye of their instructor. This keeps the horses from feeling too much additional noise. The second pad is taken off while in lessons or in the show ring when riders are more mindful of their aids. Trainers are reporting they are able to keep their upper level lesson horses and their clients show horses much more through and responsive in the show ring!

Add any Non Slip ThinLine under your saddle pad or blanket. Continue to use your regular ThinLine or Ultra ThinLine Pad.

Mike Winter, Wayfarer Eventing (UK), called us to tell us he was frequently using two Thin Line pads on horses at the same time. He wondered if this was a common occurrence. We asked him why he needed two, his reply:

"I often take client horses for training. They are shipped to Florida and training is paid for by the month. Many times we have horses arrive with sore backs either from poor saddle fit, poor bio-mechanics while riding or simply from too much pounding from the riders seat. I feel I cannot just give the horses time off to get better while they rest on a training fee, so I began stacking ThinLine pads. I always ride in the Ultra ThinLine, but though it helped horses with sore backs it did not completely eliminate back problems, so I began placing a ThinLine Half Pad on top of my Ultra ThinLine cotton comfort pad. I am then able to work even extremely sore backed horses without discomfort and they are able to lift their backs, move properly and get right back to work with great reduced soreness.”

Stacking pads is very effective for several reasons:

  • Riders on experienced horses get to keep their well trained mount well trained until their seat catches up!
  • Horses in training learn new aids with less “rattle” with the double pad system.
  • Removing one ThinLine Pad at a time allows both horse and rider to stage their changes in a small and subtle way. It is much like removing the training wheels.

Try it for yourself and see the benefits to both horses and riders! Check out ThinLine's latest catalog or shop online at www.thinlineglobal.com/shop