Horse Shows by the Bay Series II Benefits Danny & Ron's Rescue

Thursday, May 29, 2014


Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta. Julie Prickert Photography
Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta. Julie Prickert Photography
This amazing no-kill canine rescue has placed nearly 8,000 dogs in loving homes!  

Traverse City, MI - May 29, 2014 -  Danny & Ron's Rescue, an organization dedicated to saving and helping dogs in need, will be the featured charity during the second week of the Horse Shows by the Bay Hunter/Jumper series. The four-week series runs July 2-27 in Traverse City, Michigan.
Thanks to the generosity of Missy and Doug Smith--who donated their Platinum-level sponsorship benefits--the 501(C)(3) non-profit, no-kill rescue owned and operated by Danny Robertshaw and Ron Danta will receive the show's gate proceeds on July 12, which will also be Horse Shows by the Bay's "Rescue Day."
"Missy and Doug Smith are two of our most enthusiastic supporters. They are remarkably generous to give up the spotlight in order that we may promote Danny & Ron's Rescue," said co-founder Ron Danta. "They not only support our rescue mission but they also have adopted four of our dogs into their family!"
On July 12, HSBB will feature the $10,000 SJHOF High Junior/Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic, sponsored by Missy and Doug Smith. The Smiths hope the Saturday showcase event draws a large crowd to further help Danny and Ron's mission to save dogs in need.
"Danny and I are so impressed with Horse Shows by the Bay, and we're thrilled to be associated with such an outstanding event," continued Ron. "We hope that after their Rescue Day experience, spectators will be encouraged to visit their own local shelter and adopt a dog in need of a loving home."

Partners Danny and Ron have been saving and rescuing dogs for years and officially founded their rescue in 2005 after learning about the animals left homeless after Hurricane Katrina. Danny & Ron's Rescue is based in Camden, South Carolina, and Wellington, Florida.
"The moment we take a dog into Danny & Ron's Rescue, he or she becomes a part of our family," said Ron.. "We make that dog a solemn promise: 'You will never be in another shelter again. One way or another, we guarantee you a better life!' "
Donations to the rescue pay for food, medical care, spay, neuter, supplies and housing for these adorable dogs. Danny & Ron's Rescue will also assist those who cannot afford medical help for their own pets.
"It's really pretty simple. The reason we support Danny and Ron is because not only are they good friends, but they also are incredible people who work tirelessly to save and rescue as many dogs as possible," said Missy. "They're saving the ones that might not be saved, and that's so important."

Sophie, Milly and Popsicle, three of the four members of Missy and Doug Smith's rescue dog family.
Sophie, Milly and Popsicle, three of the four members of Missy and Doug Smith's rescue dog family.
Many of Danny and Ron's success stories are dogs that are considered unadoptable due to age or chronic medical conditions. They rely on the support of generous donors to defray the cost of their medical expenses. Danny & Ron's Rescue also has a program for donors to sponsor a dog in need.

"We're on this planet for such a short time, and it's important for us to help out in any way we can. I've been fortunate and am blessed to have a supportive husband and a wonderful life. It's all about giving back," said Missy. 
Placing dogs in loving homes helps the dogs and humans alike. 

"We have four rescued dogs, and they're my children. Each dog we rescue makes our world a better place," she said. "They remind me each day to be thankful, and they keep me grounded. I remember and think about where they came from and what life is all about."
The goals of Danny & Ron's Rescue:

    Rescue abused, abandoned, and starving dogs, many with no future or hope for a happy life.
    Educate the public about the importance of spaying, neutering, housing, and caring for dogs.
    Provide medical help for those who cannot afford to care for their pets.
    Stop dog fighting, puppy mills, abuse and cruelty.
    Provide help to other shelters or rescues in need.
    Rehabilitate dogs with loving care and give them the opportunity of a new home and life.

This is the second year Missy and Doug have donated their Horse Shows by the Bay sponsorship to Danny & Ron's Rescue, and they hope their efforts will help save additional dogs and perhaps inspire others to consider a similar gift.

"There are many great organizations out there that people need to hear about, and we really want to get the word out about Danny & Ron's Rescue," added Missy. "Even a donation of $5 will help feed a dog for a day. Danny and Ron are so incredible, and they do this 365/24/7, and will never turn down a dog in need."

For more information about Danny & Ron's Rescue, please visit their website: