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Monday, October 4, 2010
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Tip of the Week - Get To WEG with Cookies with a Clue

Catherine Haddad, dressage alternate for the 2010 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games, knows that keeping her horses happy and healthy is a very big part of why she made it onto the WEG Team as the alternate rider. “When I travelled to the United States for the Dressage Selection Trials in July of 2010, I contacted my friend and student, Marian Nilsen, of KAM Animal Services to inquire about a feeding program for my top horse, Winyamaro. I have never used complicated feeding programs. Simplicity and quality have always been my keys to success in feeding my horses. KAM provided both!

The addition of supplements in the form of cookies has me totally hooked. I love giving my horse treats but I have always insisted on giving natural ones—carrots, apples, watermelon, grapes. These are hard to travel with! So I was very excited to receive several types of cookies to use as treats and supplements in one. Winyamaro has never been happier or healthier than with KAM feed and treats.

Cookies with a Clue is a line of five “cookies” designed to be an alternative method to supplementing horses.

All five cookies have four things in common:
1- Prebiotics and enzymes are in each cookie so digestion is easy and nutrients are absorbed for immediate nutritional benefits
2- A guaranteed NSC of 10% or less makes them safe for horses with metabolic concerns
3- The best quality ingredients available are used. They are organic, GMO free, contain no sugar, fillers, additives, hormones or chemicals.
4- All cookies are legal for competition.

Each cookie is designed to provide horses with specific nutrients for increased support. They provide many important organic vitamins, minerals and key nutrients in a delicious way.

The 1st cookie is Booster Bites; it provides horses with a nutritional boost of vitamins and minerals. The 2nd Belly Bites soothes, protects and restores balance in the digestive tract and hind gut. The 3rd cookie Stress Busters reduces fear and stress while giving horses the confidence to focus. The fourth, Owchies, works to reduce pain and inflammation. The 5th “cookie” is for EMS and IR (insulin resistant) horses. Chubbies promote weight loss by balancing the endocrine system.

For your daily feeding schedule, choose Chubbies for the overweight horse and Booster Bites for all other horses and add five a day to his regular feed to ensure your horse has a balanced diet. Choose Owchies, Belly Bites and Stress Busters when the need for each arises.

This tip was brought to you by KAM Animal Services, home of Cookies with a Clue, the cookie that's really a supplement with all the ingredients your horse needs to stay happy and healthy. Check them out at