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Monday, November 15, 2010

Tip of the Week -
Finding Your Way Out Of The Supplement Jungle

Not a day goes by that a trainer is not being asked by their client about the importance of supplements for their horse. As equine nutritionists, we are often asked to have a look at this bucket or that pail and are requested to comment on supplement brands, ingredients, dosage or to make a recommendation on which supplement one should feed that will keep the horse healthy, sound and strong.



There also is the matter of those nasty health issues one likes to prevent, like colic, laminitis, inflammation and all those other types of problems. Their hope is to overcome these with not only proper feed and hay, but also with the right balanced nutrient approach and appropriate supplementation that focuses on the individual horse.

There are surely enough products out there that promise to do that job, but is the trainer now responsible to educate his or her client about the “right” feed and supplement program for his client’s horse(s)? After all, the trainer’s clients may think that because they are the person working and training the horse, they should know!

But what about those clients who feed several supplements at the same time, by bringing buckets of stuff to the barn. They use one supplement for this problem; another supplement for that problem, and perhaps the “magic” powder for overall health. You get the idea! Is the trainer worrying about effectiveness, contraindication, side effects and if those supplements their client is feeding are even safe and do not test in the show ring? And the big question: Do they work in the first place?

Well, recent studies have shown that a well-balanced feed program, along with good quality hay, water and the correct nutrient specific supplementation individualized to the horse can work wonders in restoring overall health, condition and for better performance.

It was because of the need to simplify the supplement “jungle” to ensure our horses get the proper nutrition that “Cookies with a Clue” were created. The idea behind these cookies is that by giving your horse a handful a day your horse gets the vitamins and minerals he needs to stay happy and healthy and you no longer have to stress about how much of this and that you need to give to your horse. No matter what supplement direction you choose just be careful that in the end your horse is benefitting from it. (By Gabriele Sutton, EquineNaturopath)

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