The Horse of Course Master Saddlefitter Marty Haist Coming to a Show Near You

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Master saddlefitter Marty Haist of The Horse of Course at work
Master saddlefitter Marty Haist of The Horse of Course at work

Wellington, FL - The Horse of Course is known not only for bringing high-quality tack, attire, and horse care supplies to horse shows around the county, but also for the skill and care that master saddlefitter Marty Haist brings to the shows. Whether it’s fitting a new Sommer Saddle, reflocking your present saddle, repairing a broken bridle, or helping with a question about saddle fit, Haist is on site to help from his mobile Horse of Course tack shop at horse shows across the country. Marty Haist and his wife Beth own The Horse of Course, and just wrapped up another successful show season at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida. The Horse of Course served as sponsors of the 12-week festival, where they helped outfit countless riders and fitted and repaired a myriad of saddles, bridles, and other tack. They enjoyed watching competitors such as Lars Petersen - who won more than any other rider in the 2015 dressage circuit - flourish while in a Sommer Saddle from The Horse of Course.

“We do a lot of repairs as well as saddle fittings,” Marty Haist said. “If it’s a billet or some kind of emergency that they need to have it done right then and there, we fix it. If we’re doing a show in a remote area, we’ll do fittings at the shows. If the barns are closer to the shows, we usually go to their barns to do the fittings.”

Haist learned his craft from English master saddlers. “I went to England for a training course, and came back and decided that I still didn’t know enough,” he explained. “So, in order to fix that, I was able to hire in master saddlefitters out of England. Those saddlefitters were with us for about 8-10 years, and I became their apprentice.”

Not only is he now a master of his craft, he and his wife have a loyal following of happy customers all over the country. After the Adequan Global Dressage Festival, they are heading to Houston, Texas, for the Houston Dressage Society Spring Show on April 23-26. To check out their mobile tack trailer’s schedule to have your saddle fitted by Marty Haist, go here.

“I enjoy it because it’s interesting and because it’s always a challenge,” Haist said of his craft. “No horse is ever the same and every one of them has its challenges. When I do my job, the horse goes well and everything turns out great.”

The Horse of Course is famous for representing Sommer Saddles. Haist’s relationship with them began many years ago when he and his wife went to a trade show and thought the Sommer bridles were the best quality bridles at the event.

“Basically, we became friends with everyone from Sommer Saddles. They said ‘Come to Germany. Come to our shop.’ Being good Germans, they had me do a few minimal tasks and realized I could actually do it. The light went off and ever since it’s been an amazing journey together. They’re a good company and they put out a really good product.”

Not only does the Horse of Course provide expert fitting and repair, but riders, trainers, and spectators have come to rely on the shop for all their show needs. The Horse of Course is a one-stop shop for top quality, fairly priced merchandise. Popular brands carried includes Sommer, Konig, Pikeur, Kentucky, Eskadron, Grand Prix, Vespucci, Cavallo, Passler, Redbarn, Schockemohle, Romfh, USG, and Neue Schule. The Horse of Course’s complete selection breeches, bridles, horse care supplies, belts, and boots make the mobile tack shop a must-see horse show destination.

To learn more about Haist’s saddle fitting and repair as well as the full line of products, visit www.thehorseofcourse.com or call 888-494-6773.