Horse Business Strategy for The New Year - The 2011 Turnaround!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

As a horse business and marketing consultant and a past horse business owner myself, I've seen my share of "turnarounds" over the years. A business is considered a "turnaround" project when its debts surpass its income and current growth path or when its financial situation needs to improve drastically in order for the business to be sustainable over time. In other words, a "turnaround" from the consultants point of view, is a business that needs to make significant changes in order to be profitable enough to succeed. Nowadays, even the strongest, smartest and luckiest of horse business owners are either in "turnaround," or are concerned that if the economic climate doesn't improve, they soon will be.


The horse business is a tough business that is very fragile when it comes to profitability. And so, whether it's because of the economy, natural disasters: i.e. droughts, fires or floods, an injury to yourself or one of your horses, poor financial planning, an assistant who tries to run off with your clients, or simply persistent slim profit margins and high overhead that over time manages to bleed you dry - Truth be told, nearly every horse business owner ends up in a turnaround situation at least once and often multiple times during the life of their business.

So how do you turnaround a troubled horse business and how do you prevent it to begin with?

Clearly, there are many steps in the turnaround process. These steps include improving cash flow, implementing systems, attracting new clients, reducing expenses, reducing debt: i.e. negotiating with creditors and/or refinancing, adjusting pricing strategies, leveraging assets, diversifying, identifying new markets and opportunities, and the list goes on.

All these things are important in the success of your horse business and if we were working hand in hand together in a consultant/client relationship, we would probably work on each and every one of them. However, today I'm going to share with you the number one thing that makes the biggest difference for the majority of horse businesses. It is something every single one of you can do (with or without a business consultant) that will significantly improve your business.

Learn how to connect your marketing strategy with your profitability.

Far too often, horse professional's marketing and growth plans are disconnected from their profitability. It's hard enough to create a successful marketing campaign. However, if you don't understand what specific type of growth your horse business needs in order to be profitable, even the most successful marketing campaign won't create the tangible financial improvements your horse business truly needs.

Here are a couple of examples -

A barn that invests their entire marketing budget in attracting new lesson customers - never noticing that if each of their current clients simply attended one more horse show per year, their profitability would more than double what it would with the new lesson customers.

Sometimes you are far better off to focus your marketing on your current customers rather than new customers. A good question to ask yourself is - What path do you want your current customers to take and how can your marketing better support that path?

Conversely -

A stable that can handle 30 horses with its current staff and resources, that rather than growing their lesson program (which would not require an increase in horses boarded or staff,) markets and grows their boarding clientele by 5 new boarders. As a result, they have to hire more stable help. The barn then finds that the increase in expenses annihilated the increase in income causing a loss rather than a gain.

These losses can be substantial when you factor in the cost of the marketing that created the problem and the cost involved in remedying the situation..

While some of you may totally relate to the above examples, each horse businesses is unique and so it is essential that you find out what specifically works for your business and create your own "what if" scenarios.

Gather and analyze the information that enables you to make accurate, fact-based decisions about the growth of your business so that you can target your marketing efforts on the areas that deliver the highest return on your marketing investment!

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Equine Business Operational Cash Flow Calculator - This online calculator will help you catch cash flow crunches before they happen. It will enable you to more accurately (and accuracy is important when it comes to cash) forecast the times you will have the most cash available so that you can maximize it!

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