Horse Breeders of Normandy Call for International Support to Save Breeding Lands Around Haras du Pin

Tuesday, August 26, 2014
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The horse breeders of Normandy and the population around Haras du Pin are launching an appeal to all those visiting the region on the occasion of the 2014 World Equestrian Games: Save the breeding lands and breeding activities around the Haras du Pin from the industrial waste that Claude Dauphin and his GDE company want to stock there for 17 years. An uncommon and surreal battle has been opposing the local population from an industrial waste landfill project of European dimensions, in the last months at Nonant-le-Pin, just 5 kms from the historical site of the Haras du Pin. This project puts the region of Normandy at risk of receiving industrial waste from all over Europe and possibly further afield, when one considers the worldwide reach of the GDE-ECORE-TRAFIGURA group behind the project.GDE’s mega dump would indeed stock 150 000 tons of waste per annum, or 2,5 million tons over the whole period of use, which would result in 30 meters high hills. Toxic fume exhalations combined with air, soil and water contamination are predicted by numerous specialists. The lands would be grievously polluted, with probable effects continuing beyond the 30 years of compulsory surveillance, once the 17 year period of use of the landfill is completed.

And all this for the sole profit of an industrial organisation that already has multiple convictions for non respect of the law and for active environmental pollution!

Eric Puerari, president of Sauvegarde des Terres d’Elevage: "The future of our breeding activities depends on our active and continuous mobilisation against this project. For this, we need your help: please support our cause by spreading the word amongst your ranks and let our fight be known beyond our regional and national frontiers!".

The International Federation of Thoroughbred Breeders, which met in Chile last March, has already called for this planned massacre to come to an end, and classified the lands surrounding the Haras du Pin as a protected region for the breeding and raising of horses.

In order for the 2014 World Equestrian Games to be another expression of solidarity, an informative meeting point is being set up by the associations in charge of repelling this absurd and dangerous project, at Haras du Pin on 29th and 30th August. Journalists who are interested can be taken to the nearby site, where a resistance camp has been active for over 9 months, at the entrance of the landfill site (http://bit.ly/FRO-geoloc).

In the meantime, for any additional information, please visit our blog www.saveourhorses.fr and our Facebook Community page "Non a la decharge de Nonant". www.facebook.com/gdenonant or contact +(33) 648 316 753.