Hobby Horsing Taking Finnish Teens by Storm

Friday, May 5, 2017
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Hobby Horsing has become a revolution with Finnish Teens and Tweens

Hobby Horsing has become a revolution with Finnish Teens and Tweens

There is a new horse craze sweeping through Finland's Tween and Teen scene and it doesn't even involve a real horse in the flesh! Hobby Horsing is a new "sport" that is modeled after traditional equestrian events such as dressage and show jumping. Only difference is the horse that is ridden through kurs and over a course of jumpe is the traditional "stick" horse - a hobby horse.

There is an estimated 10,000 plus people involved in Finland and the people that participate in Hobby Horsing take it very serious indeed. They even recently held an annual Hobby horse Championship in April where 1,000 spectators came to watch over 200 "riders" compete! The sprot is physically demanding and the best thing is it gets kids up and moving (and off phones and devices!). Take a look at the video to check it out.

No matter what your thoughts are, this is one group of kids and young adults that are experiencing a sense of community, some even saying that the sport has helped them deal with hard issues in life. Hey, not everyone can afford the luxury of a real horse anyway.

Check out the 2nd video to see some of the top US riders take on their very own stick equines!

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