HITS Announces Changes to Platinum Performance $250,000 Hunter Prix Final and the Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Posted by HITS E-News


Aaron Vale and Dress Balou claim the Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final. ©ESI Photography
Aaron Vale and Dress Balou claim the Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final. ©ESI Photography

Saugerties, NY (January 12, 2015): HITS, Inc., is pleased to announce the return of the Platinum Performance $250,000 Hunter Prix Final and the Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final, presented by Shaklee, the two richest Hunter Classes in America, that will take place September 2-6, 2015, at the HITS Championship in Saugerties New York.  HITS is also announcing some changes to the specifications for each class beginning with the 2015 season.

New this year, the cross-entry restrictions for the Platinum Performance Hunter Prix qualifiers and Final have been loosened to allow riders to show in the 3’3” Junior and Amateur-Owner Hunter divisions, as well as Children’s/Adult Jumper and 3’6” Equitation classes.  Riders, however, may not cross enter in the 3’6” Junior or Amateur-Owner hunter divisions, or any other hunter or jumper class with fences 3’6” or higher.

“The popularity of the 3’3” Junior and Amateur-Owner Hunter divisions has been outstanding, and we have seen more and more riders wanting to show in those divisions,” said HITS President and CEO Thomas Struzzieri. “We felt it was appropriate for the riders in the Platinum Performance Hunter Prix to have the opportunity to show in these popular divisions and still be eligible for the $250,000 Hunter Prix Final.”

The Diamond Mills $500,000 Hunter Prix Final and the Devoucoux Hunter Prix Qualifiers will have a minor change to the fence height, which will now be 3’5”. The class remains open to professionals, juniors and amateurs with no cross-entry restrictions.

“There had been some requests to have the Devoucoux Hunter Prix and the Diamond Mills Final be over higher fences,” Struzzieri said. “The 3’5” height has been well-received in our Adequan Hunter division, so we felt that was an appropriate height for these classes as well.  It still allows a pre-green horse to show and retain its green status, but the higher fences will also allow more seasoned horses to really shine.”

One more change for both Hunter Prix Finals is the horses per rider restriction. This year, the top 20 qualified riders in standings list will be eligible to ride two (2) horses in the final. All other riders will be able to ride one (1) horse.

Prominent hunter trainer Don Stewart of Ocala, Florida, weighed in on the horses-per-rider change. “I feel the two horse per top 20 riders will benefit everyone as those who support the shows and have success in the qualifying classes will have twice as much of a chance to win the big money. It will also make it more enticing to the top riders to keep showing throughout the qualifying season,” he said.

HITS looks forward to welcoming riders in these classes. The HITS Championship takes place at HITS-on-the-Hudson in Saugerties, New York.

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