Hilltop Farm Launches American Hanoverian Society Inspection Tour 2016

Sunday, July 31, 2016
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Vern Batchelder, Williston, FL, Dr. Ludwig Christmann of the Hanoverian Verband and  George Walker from Blythwood SC.

During one of the hottest weekends of the summer the American Hanoverian Society Inspection tour began at the beautiful Hilltop Farm Inc, in Colora, MD, Dr. Ludwig Christmann of the Hanoverian Verband was joined by George Walker from Blythwood SC, and Vern Batchelder, Williston, FL, and the nationwide tour was launched. The judges and horses held up well and the following results were reported on Hilltop's Facebook Page. Five stallions were presented and two were granted Lifetime Approval. Congratulations to: Fie Andersen and Rocazino (Rosentanz-Silvio I-Feiner Stern) who has already fulfilled his sport requirements in dressage and to Kenneth & Selma Garber and Vallado/Praise (Now or Never-Saros xx-Important) who is the first stallion to have fulfilled his sport requirements in the hunter ring. Two new, exciting options for Hanoverian & Rhineland breeders here in the US. Thank you to all the stallion owners who presented at this licensing.

Two mares were inspected for breeding: Paula Byrum's Oldenburg mare Saint Isabelle BHF (Sir James-Renaissance) who scored an overall 7.3 and Hilltop's Hanoverian mare Qindle HTF (Qredit-Royal Prince) who scored an overall 7. The two mares also completed the Mare Performance Test and Qindle was the High-Score for the MPT with an overall 7.16. She is now a Premium Mare Candidate.


The Yearling/Two-Year Old Futurity was well attended. Champions for each division included: Two-Year Old Filly was Beretta LJS (Bugatti-Ferro), Yearling Filly Starlet (Sternlicht GGF-Festrausch), Two-Year Old Colt Rendezvous ESH (Rubignon-Weltmeyer), and Yearling Gelding Diamond Quinn (Diamond Hit-Quaterback). Congratulations to all the participants!

AHS Inspection - Day 2: Our AHS/ARS Inspection continued today with slightly cooler temps that were appreciated by all! Two non-Hanoverian mares were presented and Lisa Saabye's Ebella (Ehrentusch-Over The River xx) was accepted into the Main Studbook with an overall 7.0. High-score non-Hanoverian mare was Paula Byrum's mare Saint Isabelle BHF who was presented the prior day. An additional 5 Hanoverian mares were also presented today. Grizelda (Gold Luck-Tex The Man xx) was eligible for the Studbook given that her dam was in the Pre-Studbook for the registry. Dubonnett (Donnerwetter-Picard) earned a 6.67 and entered the Main Studbook. Three mares become Premium Eligible: Werona (Wolkenstein II-Bolero) 7.0 overall, Maybe Magic C (Mighty Magic-Ramiro's Bube) 7.5 overall, and Relevè HTF (Royal Prince-Cordoba) with a 7.83 overall. Relevè HTF became the high-scoring Hanoverian Mare.


A total of 14 foals were presented representing the stallions Sternlicht GGF, Schroeder, Sir James, Bugatti Hilltop, Qredit, Vitalis, De Niro, Contucci, and Vallado. Bristol HTF (Bugatti-Contucci) was named Top Colt. The filly class was particularly strong with Vianne (Vitalis-Ramiro's Bube), Quilana CF (Qredit-Royal Prince), and Savannah HTF (Sternlicht-Royal Prince) all being called back. Savannah was named Top Filly.