HFR International Horse Transport - What People are Saying

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We asked a few people who have flown with Humberto Rivera and HFR International Horse Transport to tell us what they like about the service. If you would like to be added to the list, contact me at mary@horsesdaily.com

Cesar Parra
The process of transporting horses oversees can be very involved.  I need my horses to arrive safely and on time but do not have the time to be coordinating everything, so I rely heavily on my shipping agent to handle the process.  I have had only positive experiences with Humberto Rivera and HFR Transportation.  He is very professional and takes care of all the necessary paperwork so that the process of importing horses goes very smoothly.  He communicates when the horses are in transit, and even sends pictures of the horses when they are traveling.

Karen Lipp
He's completely honest and I know my horses are in the hands of a real horseman he cares about the well being of them as well as my being happy..... He's the best!

Lily Zilo
A shipping agent has to be most reliable and dependable before the price is concerned. I have to be able to trust what the agents promise to do in all aspects - before, during and after the shipping. Humberto was always available, or he would return calls promptly, he was patient and friendly, he even made a trip out to my stables to meet my horse and I. As far as the cost was concerned, his fee was very fair, and on one occasion, I had to abort the trip in less than 24 hours, Humberto was extremely professional and helped getting a refund from the air freight company.

Sara Hellner
Humberto is very service minded. He responded to all my emails about getting info for my next shipping. He is very service minded; he takes good care of his clients and on top of all he keeps good records. Recently a client just brought 3 horses from Europe with him, including tons of problems that Humberto handled in a fantastic way. My client was new in to this process and was not 100% sure about all it takes. Humberto helped her out 24/7 on the way!