Her Focus Became A Horse

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nancy Smith - Dressage Trainer, Instructor, Clinician

“The quest to make the highest goal of equestrian sport is an emotional rollercoaster,” admits Nancy M. Smith. “Every morning your feet hit the floor, your day is about getting there.”  In 1990 Nancy put her education to work by putting together a proposal as if she were going to the bank to take out a loan. Nancy created a sponsorship package listing the plan, the cost, and the dream – to make it to the Olympics – and she beat the pavement approaching everyone she knew and didn’t know. There were fundraisers, and luncheons, and Nancy made many new friends. Longtime clients and students who believed in her also provided support.

The package was designed for both a syndicate, and/or an individual. It was an individual, Irene Kooyman, in the end who came forward with the funding for her new horse, Focus, a Hanoverian by Furioso, which she purchased through Neal Ishoy in Canada. Irene Kooyman admired Nancy's perseverance, talent and hard work, and joined in her enthusiasm and quest.

Introducing New Fans to Dressage Through Funding Efforts