Heartwood Farm Features Solar Power and Agricultural Setting

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nancy Pugh Later
Nancy is not only a philanthropist but a conservationist as well. Her 15-stall barn at Heartwood Farm in West Palm Beach is completely powered by solar panels.

“The solar is courtesy of my parents Mickey and David Pugh and it’s just fabulous!” Nancy emphasized. “We’ve got the Florida sun going all the time, so the panels run all the power in the barn. They also give extra power that goes back into the grid, which gives our farm a credit. Every little thing that we can do to help from using other forms of fuel is so important. It’s surprising that more people don’t use solar in Florida.”

Florida sun not only creates the opportunity for solar power, but also for huge tracts of agriculture. Luckily for Nancy, agricultural farms surround her Heartwood Farm, which expands the horizons of the 10-acre facility and also creates a serene environment.

“My farm feels bigger because of all the agriculture around us,” Nancy notes. “It’s a super peaceful place. The horses are very content and relaxed here. Everyone who comes to my farm tells us how much they love it here. We’re so lucky to have this place.”

2009 Summer in Massachusetts and International Travel to Give Clinics

“Team Later” is based at Heartwood Farm in West Palm Beach through mid-June and then, as clients return to their homes across the U.S., and Florida heats up for summer, Nancy relocates to the cooler environs of Massachusetts through September. Her personal horses and clients from the New England area make the move with her.

Nancy is based in Massachusetts not only to escape the Florida heat, but also to be closer to long-time boyfriend Matt Lavoie.

Nancy’s winter clients from other parts of the country can still work with her, as she visits them during the summer and fall to give clinics.  In 2009, Nancy will be giving clinics in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Massachusetts, and Venezuela.

“We had a very busy season in Florida, and my students and horses made wonderful progress,” Nancy said. “So for the rest of 2009 I’m looking forward to coaching them at shows and visiting them for clinics.”

2008 – Nancy Later: FEI Dressage Rider, Trainer, Instructor