Harness The Laws of the Mind - Law # 1: You Are What You Think

Tuesday, July 19, 2022
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The Power to Win

If you are an equestrian, you know riding requires athletic agility and stamina for both rider and horse. Horses respond directly to your emotions and commands which requires that you remain calm while riding and performing especially while showing in front of a crowd. When you add the extremely competitive nature of competitive riding, it can sometimes be too much to handle. Competitive riding requires the rider to have balance and complete mental confidence in themselves and their horse.

Laura King has seen many equestrians in her offices who have lost total confidence in their riding ability. You may be asking how these riders could possibly continue to go on and earn many trophies, ribbons, and championships. By using the Laws of the mind, Laura embeds these 9 laws into each rider. These laws were specifically designed for the equestrian. Let’s start off with the first 3 laws of the mind. 

The First Law # 1 – What you think is what you get.

Each of us creates our own life with our thoughts. A single thought will neither make nor break a life; but a habit of thought will. You cannot think defeat and be victorious especially when riding in the show ring. Remember, every thought creates a physical reaction. Think about what you say to yourself every day and see what you need to work on. When you change your thoughts, you change your mind. 

Physical and emotional health are intimately intertwined this is what's known as the mind-body connection. Our chemistry and biology impact our mood and emotions, as well as our thoughts and beliefs. With all these factors combined, they play a major role in influencing our stress, physical, and mental health. The Power to Win course includes everything you need to achieve your goals in your riding and other areas of your life. Using the tools Laura King gives in this course you will be able to overcome blocks that may have been holding you back from achieving your personal best in the show ring and beyond.