Happy Valentine’s Day From HorsesDaily News

Friday, February 14, 2014
Posted by Mary Phelps


Happy Wedding Day Josh and Casi!
Happy Wedding Day Josh and Casi!
It’s Valentine’s Day and I am feeling the love. Just want to send it out to the wonderful team that makes up Horses Daily Inc. This is our 17th year on-line, we are now older than some of the Junior Riders we report on. We want to send a happy wedding day today to Casi and Josh Gayde, the newest members of our Horses Daily Family managing our Kentucky property, websites, vehicles and travel details. Penny Peck, manager of HorsesDaily News, was the first one to join me in 1995, first doing our books, before taking over the more fun part of handling web news. Tracey Scharf, my rock, CFO, BFF, administrative manager, our insurance maven, there for all our clients who know they have a real person at the end of the phone line. Liz Ruggerio, our HorseMarket Manager is always there, even when on vacation she has been known to upload ads poolside in Hawaii. Our reporters, Betsy LaBelle, on the scene in Welly World, Kelly Sanchez in California, and Lynndee Kemmett our reporter at large we love your work.  Then there is our programmer Eli Altman, who has developed the coolest new upgrades to our Data Stable in the works now, enjoying all the new bells and whistles. Skye O’Dell is our strategist and tutor on all things technical is another reason for our long time success. We love you Johnny Robb and her JRPR Team who not only seems to be the reason I keep getting more ponies, but also together we have been able to promote those in our industry who work so hard and do so much. It all began with Astrid Appels, of eurodressage.com. It was 18 years ago I travelled to Belgium to meet a 15 year old I had been messaging with, who was using the web to learn English, mostly horse expressions.
Wayne Humphreys and Bird
Wayne Humphreys and Bird
On a personal note, Happy Valentine’s Day to my guy, Wayne Humphreys and his pony World Champion Cefenoakpark Bouncer, who has joined my own dog and pony show in Ocala for the winter of 2014. Thanks for the roses, the deck in front of the RV, and for everything else you have added to my life.

Need an idea for date night? Go see Winters Tale where horses star along with Colin Farrell and Russell Crowe. My longtime friends Cari Swanson and Hollywood Wrangler Rex Peterson trained the horses and actors.