Happy New Year - Party's Over Let's get to Work!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year Everyone! Today marks our 14th anniversary on-line! Try to remember what you were doing in 1997. Did you have e-mail, a cell phone? Google and Facebook were a long time coming, and I will never forget the long nights after photographing all day at a show, formatting results so they would appear in a legible way. We have come a long way baby, and there is more to come in 2011. I have reorganized some important articles on the front page just in case you missed them over the holidays, and to help you get the New Year off to a great start. The busy 2011 show season is about to be underway, and we are looking forward to bringing you highlights and happenings for the coming year, starting this coming weekend, so I need some time today to pack and organize.