Hanoverian News from Verden

Thursday, April 9, 2009
Posted by Christy

Hanoverian Board of Directors Expanded
Modernization of the Niedersachsenhalle in Process of Planning

Verden. The annual meeting of the Hanoverian Society was held on Wednesday, April 1. The scheduled election to the Board of Directors was a central point of the meeting. Chairman Manfred Schäfer, Köchingen, and his deputy Hermann-Jürgen Rump, Norddrebber, were unanimously reelected. To cope with the increasing challenges and tasks of the executive board, two more members were appointed: Hartmut Wilking from Stemwede and Konrad Böth from Niederwalgern will be members of the Board of Directors in the future, too.

Heinrich Heemke from Kreepen left the Board of Directors for reasons of age.
He was honoured with the Golden Badge of the Hanoverian Society and unanimously appointed honorary member.

Breeding manager Dr. Werner Schade explained in his detailed annual report how the Hanoverian Society is positioned for future requirements. He focused on outlining the necessity of modernizing the premises of the Niedersachsenhalle. There will be public funds to support this project.

The Hanoverian Society can look back on a positive business year 2008, only just missing the result of the record year 2007. Total sales achieved at Verden auctions amounted to about 20 million Euro. 1,190 horses were sold in total.

During the honours ceremony, Heinrich Behrmann from Stedebergen was awarded the Fritz von der Decken-Prize as most successful stallion raiser. 10 licensed stallions sold at the Stallion Sales come from his breed resp. raising business. Axel Windeler from Verden-Walle was honoured with the Louis Wiegels-Prize 2008. He is the breeder of the champion mare family in Sandbostel. Peter Fries was awarded with the Freiherr von Stenglin-Prize for performance test champion Fürst Nymphenburg.

Hanoverian May-Collection for All Demands
88 Riding Horses Will be Put up for Auction on May 9

Verden. 88 Hanoverian riding horses will be put up for auction on Saturday, May 9, as of 3.00 pm in the Verden Niedersachsenhalle. Part of the collection will be available on video on the Internet as of April 20. On Sunday, May 3, training will be broadcasted live on the Internet.

Only three weeks after the 120th Elite Auction, the May Collection features lots of top-class horses for all demands for immediate starts at tournaments and leisure riding.
Successful starts at tournaments will be no coincidence with the five-year-old scopey show jumping mare Gysir's Liberty by Geysir/Landadel (breeder: Paul Forkert, Bremen) or with the six-year-old all-rounder Florencia by Florianus/Davignon (breeder: Rudolf and Reinhard Bösch, Bülkau). Legolas by Le Primeur/Werther (breeder: Hartmut Meyer, Laatzen) is full brother to state stud stallion Labiat. He descends from the successful dam line of the licensed stallion Wishing. The relatives of Elastic by Escudo/Werther (breeder: Helmut Habermann, Uetze-Hänigsen) is even more impressive as he is half brother to the internationally successful show jumping horse Elwood by Espri with Carsten-Otto Nagel.

The dressage horse collection features offspring of tried and tested stallions like Londonderry, Hochadel, Rotspon and Don Crusador. Fisher 's Fritz by Fishermans Friend/Borneo (breeder: Arno Klie, Einbeck) already confirmed his above-average movement and strong nerves as presentation horse at Equitana in March 2009. The first-class dressage abilities of state stud stallion Rascalino become obvious when watching his son Roosevelt (breeder: Albert Kampert, Halle). He has also a perfect dressage background with Rosentau on dam's side.

The Hanoverian Riding Horse Auction will be held on Saturday, May 9, as of 3.00 pm in the Verden Niedersachsenhalle. The horses can be inspected and tested upon prior arrangement as of April 27. For additional information, please click on www.hannoveraner.com.

Hanoverian Horses for Leisure Riding
Third Sales Week *Experience Hanoverians" in May

Verden. From May 18 to 23, the third sales week *Experience Hanoverians"
will be held on the race track arena in Verden. About 20 selected horses of different age, height and pedigree - four-to-six years old, under 15.3 h.h.and more than 16.3 h.h., offspring of Prince Thatch xx, Metternich, Embassy, Rotspon and others - will be presented for the different demands of leisure riding. But all admitted Hanoverian and Hessen horses have one thing in common: They match highest demands as far as character and health are concerned.

The vast area around the race track in Verden offers best possibilities to present the horses under the open sky. As of May 19, they will be presented during daily public training, and they can be tested upon prior arrangement. On Wednesday afternoon, May 20, well-known instructors will present their training methods. The following day (Ascension Day) there will be an information day with Peter Kreinberg, presenting his Gentle-Touch®-method. Prior registration is required for this event. Following this show event, all sales horses will be presented, too. Another special presentation will follow on Friday afternoon and Saturday. The horses will be sold on Saturday afternoon during special sales discussions.

As of mid of April, the horses will be published with photos on the website of the Hanoverian Society. For additional information, please contact:
Hannoveraner Verband, Lindhooper Str. 92, 27283 Verden, Telefon 0 42 31/67 30, mmeyer@hannoveraner.com, www.hannoveraner.com.

Joachim Weist 50 Years at the Hanoverian Society Jubilee at the Hanoverian Riding and Driving School in Verden

Verden. Joachim Weist has been working for the Hanoverian Society in Verden for 50 years now. In 1959, at the age of 14, the native-born Lower Silesian started as apprentice at the Riding and Driving School. Following his exam as professional riding and training instructor, Joachim Weist started his job as manager of the Riding and Driving School in 1972.

Besides his tasks and duties at the Riding and Driving School, Joachim Weist also completed his exam as judge for all disciplines. The headmaster built up an excellent reputation in the training and instruction of young horses, riding pupils and amateur trainers. Lots of his apprentices completed their apprenticeship as professional rider with distinction and started successful careers. Apart from that, approximately 4000 mares successfully passed their mare performance test since 1984.

Joachim Weist is an instructor personality hardly still known today. He is a representative of classical equitation. The most important thing in his lessons is to make his pupils understand the importance of developing horses and riders into a harmonious duo, based on gymnastic exercises and further training  - also including the high demands on his pupils regarding their sense for responsibility in working with horses.