Hannoveraner Verband Host Successful Verden Auction of Sport Horses and Foals

Friday, July 22, 2016
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Fürst Hit, Fürstenball, Diamond Hit, Hannoveraner Verband, Verden Auction

Fürst Hit by Fürstenball/Diamond Hit - Highest priced dressage horse of the collection. (Photo: Ernst)

While the Hanoverian national champions were determined outside, the Niedersachsenhalle witnessed an exciting auction, featuring 77 riding horses and 46 foals. The eagerly moving Fürst Hit prevailed in the fight for the top-priced horse and was sold at Euro 36,000. For the foals, Grey Fantastic was in highest esteem with potential customers and sold at Euro 37,000 to a stallion raiser from Lower Saxony.

The 77 riding horses were sold at averagely Euro 14,091, which corresponds to the average auction sales price in 2015. The references of Fürst Hit by Fürstenball/Diamond Hit (breeder: Jochen Dittmer, Kirchlinteln – exhibitor: Scott Zahner, Hinsdale/USA) were hard to top, the impressive five-year-old was the most coveted dressage prospect of the collection. A dressage stable from Schleswig-Holstein acquired the brilliantly moving youngster at Euro 36,000.

Vamos, Valentino, Uccello, Galvano, Hannoveraner Verband, Verden Auction

Number 39: Highest selling jumper 4-year-old gelding Vamos by Valentino - Uccello - Galvano.

Most expensive jumper was the one year younger Valentino/Uccello-son Vamos (breeder: Cord-Hinrich Backhaus, Wedemark – exhibitor: Hans-Jürgen Backhaus, Wedemark). Sold at Euro 27,000, he will move to a well-known and approved show stable and faithful regular customer in Lower Saxony who has already discovered many successful competition horses in Verden.

Almost half of the horses will leave Germany. “We already recognized huge international interest in the auction horses on the first days of the auction training. Since last weekend, groups of foreign customers were on site,” said Auction Manager Jörg-Wilhelm Wegener. Not only customers from Europe were represented, countries such as Australia, Ecuador and Mexico, too. There was a lively interest in the auction collection, many spectators from the Lower Saxonian Championships HA.LT seized the opportunity to attend the auction themselves.

Grey Fantastic, Gray Flanell, Fundation, Stedinger, Hanoveraner Verband, Verden Auction

Top selling foal Grey Fantastic by Gray Flanell - Fundation - Stedinger

International pedigrees with many successfully competing dressage and show jumping stallions characterized the foal collection. Particularly stallion holders appreciated this offer. Both top foals were sold as stallion prospects. A stallion raiser from the Verden area who had caused a sensation when presenting the most expensive two-and-a-half-year-old stallion at the 2015 Stallion Market, purchased the Grey Flanell/Foundation - son Grey Fantastic (breeder: Reinhard Baumgärtner, Kamern) at Euro 37,000. The top-priced show jumping foal with a super pedigree will move to the Netherlands: For Action by For Pleasure/Stakkato Gold (breeder and exhibitor: Günter Soltau, Hamburg) was sold at Euro 26,000. The 46 foals were sold at averagely Euro 7,098.