Gypsy Woods Farm Announces First Foal For Rocher!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's a girl!! Rocher, the international Grand Prix Westphalen mare ridden by George Williams caught the hearts of American dressage fans until her retirement from international competition in 2009 and she is now a successful "mom"! Joann is happy to report that Rocher is happy and sound and is currently enjoying being ridden by an Adult Amateur. Joann Smith, owner of Gypsy Woods Farm sent the announcement.

"Gypsy Woods Farm is proud to announce the birth of Rocher's first embryo transfer. Almost midnight on April 2 a gorgeous filly came into this world. Her sire is Rousseau. Rocket (her barn name) is bold and in love with everything. She has her mothers look at me attitude. We are watching the ears and sometimes we see a resemblance to her mothers famous ears. Tamara, her surrogate a large draft, loves her baby and Rocher is so glad she could keep her new svelte figure." - From all of us at Gypsy Woods