Gustavo Mirabal Winner Again, Castaldi One More Time!

Saturday, December 5, 2015


The amateurs in the Prix de Montaigu, 1m15 Grand Prix provided us with a thrilling jump-off, which came in the shape of revenge after the Prix Bang & Olufsen class yesterday. This time, it is the amiable Venezuelan Gustavo Mirabal and G& C Leroy 136, second yesterday, who finishes in front of yesterday's winner, Benjamin Castaldi, this time riding Othello Mouche. The rider first paid tribute to his horse.

"He's truly amazing. He's the one that wins the classes. He's won with my daughter, my wife, with me and with a professional rider in Florida: his victories are innumerable. He's practical, balanced and easy to ride. He's the perfect horse. In a few years time, I hope he'll be able to introduce my younger children to showjumping. He's part of the family." Then he thanked the course designer Luc Musette: "It was a truly great, international jump-off, which required plenty of energy with some interesting options, the likes of which, as amateurs, we don't often get the opportunity to experience. Even before the event had started, I was really excited about the prospect of competing in it."

It's nearly time to take a seat in the grandstand or the Masters Club for the gala evening. At curtain time the Gucci Gold Cup will be honouring the traditional Grand Prix. Good spirits, generosity and speed will then be the order of the day during the Style & Competition class for AMADE, in which we will be able to watch the likes of Benjamin Castaldi!

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