GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award Winner Kasey Perry Puts Her Horses First

Wednesday, March 25, 2015
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GumBits Awards the Happy Horse Harmony Award to winner Kasey Perry riding Trostruplunds Scarlet
GumBits Awards the Happy Horse Harmony Award to winner Kasey Perry riding Trostruplunds Scarlet

Wellington, Florida - For GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award winner Kasey Perry, everything comes down to her horses’ health and happiness. Although blue ribbons and qualifying scores are definitely a perk, for Perry there’s nothing more important than her horses’ well-being. This dedication to her horses came through loud and clear during her recent ride on Trostruplunds Scarlet, a Danish Warmblood mare owned by Perry’s mom, Diane Perry, during the Adequan Global Equestrian Festival. The duo’s cohesive performance led to them winning the GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award presented by Gambit Atlanta, Inc. The GumBits Happy Horse Harmony Award goes to riders at the Adequan Global Dressage Festival who demonstrate true partnership with their horses. Much like Perry and Trostruplunds Scarlet, pairs must demonstrate a harmonious ride characterized by signs such as a soft expression and suppleness.

As a sponsor of the 2015 Adequan Global Dressage Festival, GumBits (made by Gambit Atlanta, Inc.) presents the award to deserving riders at each CDI of the twelve-week international series.

Perry was pleased to win the award because of its recognition of her dedication to horsemanship. “Our philosophy is keeping it stress free and happy,” she said about competition. “I really think we are getting that with her. It’s about finding that happy place with each horse. Once you find it, you just have to keep going with it. She’s really happy in her work and we’re starting to trust each other and, once we build that, it’s just going to get better.”

Perry’s mom, Diane, added that when her daughter says she wants to make her horses happy, she truly means it — and she plays a direct role in the care of her horses to ensure their happiness. “Kasey is very thorough about when she says she makes her horses happy— she personally does all the work to make them happy,” she explained. “She trail rides them, she grooms them, she feeds them. That’s why those horses know her so well and you can tell.”
Included in Perry’s routine is utilizing supplements and doing ground work and exercises to keep the horses relaxed. She is now looking forward to implementing GumBits into her routine. Although Perry has never tried them, her mom has — or least her other horses have. “They are delicious,” said Diane Perry, adding, “Not for me, but for the horses!”

GumBits are small, chewable products that promote salivation and reduce teeth grinding. They are sold through retailers in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and just recently Singapore. The popular product can also be found at several vendors at the 2015 Adequan Global Dressage Festival.

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