Gumbits Ambassador Lauren Kieffer Named to U.S. Pan American Games Eventing Team

Monday, June 8, 2015
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 Lauren Kieffer and Meadowbrook’s Scarlett (Photo: Jenni Autry/Eventing Nation)
Lauren Kieffer and Meadowbrook’s Scarlett (Photo: Jenni Autry/Eventing Nation)

Wellington, FL— It has been an exciting year for talented eventer Lauren Kieffer. Since earning the title of 2014 U.S. Eventing Leading Lady Rider last year, Kieffer has continued to flourish. She began 2015 by becoming a GumBits Ambassador, using the small sweet treats called GumBits to help relax her horses before training and competing. It is now with great excitement and pride that the company GumBits congratulates Kieffer on being named to the U.S. Pan American Games Eventing Team. Kieffer will compete on Marie Le Menestrel’s Meadowbrook’s Scarlett, a 2007 Thoroughbred mare; and will also be an alternate on another mount, Jacqueline Mars’s Vermiculus, a 2007 Anglo-Arabian gelding.

Shereen Fuqua founded GumBits in 2005, and has seen the product make a difference in countless horse-and-rider partnerships throughout the past decade. GumBits are treats designed to relax a tense horse through the action of chewing, which encourages salivation and reduces teeth grinding. Horses love the taste of this all-natural “chewing gum for horses.”

“When we sponsored The Dutta Corp. Fairhill International Horse Trials CCI** and CCI*** last October, Lauren won a bag of GumBits at the event and discovered why many international dressage Grand Prix Equestrians use GumBits every day,” explains Fuqua. “With Lauren’s help and support, many eventers learned about the product and are now gaining the advantage with GumBits. We are thrilled and honored to watch Lauren and her horses continue to successfully compete internationally.”

Kieffer, in turn, feels equally honored to have the support of GumBits and everyone else who helps make her success possible. “It’s been a lot of hard work for a lot of different people,” she says. “So many have invested in me over the years, from Marie le Menestrel who owns Meadowbrook’s Scarlett to Jacqueline Mars who owns Vermiculus.” Kieffer has been riding Meadowbrook’s Scarlett since the mare was a four-year-old. The two have a very special relationship, as Kieffer has ridden her through every level to where they are today. “She has always been so pleasant on the ground and when you are riding her. She is very willing and trainable,” Kieffer smiles. 

The rider is quick to consider her equine partners’ needs before her own as she trains for the Pan American Games. “The most important thing is the wellbeing of the horses and making sure that Scarlett and Vermiculus are fit, happy and healthy. I’m extremely grateful to them, and thrilled for both owners to have horses named to the team and as an alternate. I am also looking forward to representing my country.”

Part of her dedication to Scarlett and Vermiculus includes treating them to GumBits. “I feed GumBits to the horses before schooling at home and at competitions. GumBits work so well in keeping the horses’ jaws soft and relaxed, and the horses think they are just getting treats! They really are a win-win product and a great non-invasive training tool,” Kieffer says.

For more information about Lauren Kieffer and her achievements, visit www.laurenkieffer.com. To learn more about GumBits and to find a list of retailers in your area, visit www.gumbits.com.