Grand Prix Dressage Trainer Christopher Hickey Joins The Horse of Course’s Team of Elite Riders

Friday, August 5, 2016
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Christopher Hickey, The Horse of Course

Grand Prix dressage trainer Christopher Hickey joins The Horse of Course’s team of elite sponsored riders. (Photo: courtesy of Sharon Packer)

Claremore, Oklahoma - American Grand Prix dressage rider Christopher Hickey has a flare for the high caliber. He holds a Pan American Games Dressage Individual Gold Medal and Team Gold Medal, the title of 2007 USEF Intermediare I Dressage Champion, and many other accomplishments under his belt, including having trained over 10 horses to the Grand Prix level. He also has a large collection of tack and riding apparel from The Horse of Course, a full-service tack shop dedicated to providing riders with the highest quality products at affordable prices.

“I like high quality things,” explained Hickey. “It’s important to me that products will wear well and last a long time. I also believe in taking care of my equipment so that it stays in good condition and has a long life.” Hickey’s favorite brands, from Pikeur clothing to Konig boots and Passier bridles to Neue Schule bits, are all available at The Horse of Course, making it his one-stop-shop for tack and equipment needs. The Horse of Course is proud to announce that Hickey has now been officially named a sponsored rider of The Horse of Course.

Hickey first came to know The Horse of Course founders Beth and Marty Haist, who opened the shop in 1995, while campaigning on the Wellington, Florida dressage circuit 12 years ago. Always an advocate for the highest quality equipment, Hickey was instantly attracted to the wide range of superior products and expertise offered by the husband-and-wife duo.

While in Wellington, Florida this past winter, The Horse of Course outfitted Hickey with the Sommer Spezial Saddle. The company has been a longtime advocate of the Sommer saddle brand at competitions across the country. Hickey said, “I love the saddle, and I actually now have two of them! I have used them on a few different horses.”

The Horse of Course is excited to welcome Hickey to its team of sponsored riders. Beth Haist stated, “I have always admired Chris— he’s a lovely rider and clearly loves the horses. I always felt he would be a great member of our team of sponsored riders. He needed saddles with a great maintenance program that would let the horses he rides have the most freedom possible in their back so they can perform wonderfully and stay happy.”

Hickey finds that his new Sommer saddles are doing just that. “I think it is amazing that our industry has come out with so many new high tech products that make our horses more comfortable while doing their jobs for us,” he said. “I work my horses hard, but I also take excellent care of the horses in my program. I am very sympathetic to what they need for their health, happiness, and soundness so that they can each do their job to the extent that they are able.” Hickey takes great pride in not only properly developing his horses through the levels, but also in helping his students of all ages and levels achieve their own dreams in dressage.

The Horse of Course has proudly sponsored top dressage riders over the past decade, and continues to support their Professional and Elite Team riders as they strive to reach their highest performance goals. The Horse of Course is equipped with a wide range of high-quality products for all competitors who are eager to dress for success. In addition to expert saddle fitting and repair services, The Horse of Course also offers special bit fitting and trial services to outfit customers with the correct and comfortable tools to aim for top scores in the show ring. The shop’s knowledgeable staff can help everyone find what they need quickly, so riders can spend less time shopping and more time in the saddle. For more information, visit The Horse of Course’s website thehorseofcourse.com to shop online or find The Horse of Course mobile tack shop schedule.