Goodbye Rizzo – Our Sympathies to HorsesDaily Horsemarket’s Elizabeth Ruggiero

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Elizabeth Ruggiero, HorsesDaily’s Horsemarket manager lost her beloved Rizzo yesterday. He passed peacefully in her arms at the vet, after having lived a long and happy life with Liz and her family. As fellow corgi owners who are now on our second round, we have been through her pain, and send her our deepest sympathies. We love Liz  and her dedication and commitment to her work with us at HorsesDaily. Liz is in charge of all horsemarket submissions, manages updates, renewals and our weekly newsletter.
With the time difference from Europe (where we are) to Georgia (where Liz lives) we still connected yesterday morning in our virtual office on Instant Messenger as Liz was taking her sick boy to the vet. When she returned an hour later, the words appeared on my screen “he’s gone”. Our hearts go out to you Liz and we know how much Rizzo will be missed. To send Liz a note you can contact her at