Good Influences and Strong Support Takes Kristen Aggers to the Top

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kristen Aggers

Kristen Aggers credits many for being positive influences on her dressage career, but clearly the biggest influence has been Sue Halasz. "When I had just started to ride and compete in dressage, I was blown away by the quality of Sue's talent – her horses went beautifully. It was a style I wanted to emulate," Kristen recalled. "Working for Sue exposed me to a whole new level of training and riding. That classic style of riding and training was how I wanted to train my horses and work with my clients."

Photo Credit:Jeffrey Hyink

Kristen has not only sought to emulate what she has learned from trainers such as Halasz, but also to pass it on to others. She loves being a teacher and takes great pleasure in helping her clients and their horses advance. "I find teaching to be one of the more rewarding aspects of my business. It is a fantastic feeling to see the progress of both horse and rider."

Kristen said she has wonderful students, which includes adult amateurs and junior and young riders. "I have a couple of fantastic junior/young riders who with the demands of college have been unable to show as much as they would like. Although most of her business is with dressage horses and riders, Kristen does have a few hunter riders and even works with a Belgian draft horse. "I love the variety my business offers. And I also enjoy doing clinics. I travel to Idaho and Colorado regularly and have a super group of students. It's like having a second family." 

When it comes to her own riding, Kristen loves to compete. "Showing is absolutely what drives me in this sport. I love everything about showing – from the travel to riding the tests to braiding – absolutely everything. I tend to be a bit of a control freak and manage everything at the show myself. I clean the stalls, tack, groom the horses and braiding," Kristen said. "For me it is about the process and being able to spend quality time with my horses."

But as much as she likes to do things herself, Kristen is the first to admit that she has a fabulous support team and this includes her parents. "They never missed a horse show or a clinic when I lived in Colorado. Now that I live in California, they try to make it out for about three to four shows a year. They help clean stalls, walk the horses and my mom does a heck of a job cleaning tack! I also am lucky enough to have one of my students and good friend, Pauline, go to the horse shows with me. She is one of those unique individuals who works herself into a state of exhaustion helping me because she enjoys it."

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