Giving Thanks - Two New Recipes Just in Time to Impress Your Guests from Susan Taves of

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The clock is ticking.  Are you in Florida and out of sorts in a strange kitchen?  Still fretting over what to serve or bring for Thanksgiving? Looking for a departure from the de rigeur stuffing and canned yams with stale marshmallows?  Or are you already thinking of creative leftovers after Thanksgiving Day?

Well, I am at your service.  The original thanks spawned from a bountiful harvest and sharing cultures through Food Glorious Food!  The new American cuisine of the 1600's, coupled with EuroBritish technique of the time, forged a longstanding tradition that has taken few diversions, even after a handful of centuries.

Well, seeing as this is the year of change and our ever diverse population is mixing it all up, why not tweak a few of the old standbys; not with reckless abandon, but just a curve or two here and there, for flavor’s sake.

Is the stuffing getting you stuffed but not hitting the spot?  This has become a favorite in my family, especially for my vegetarian daughter.  Tastier, moister and more substantial than typical stuffing, it is a savory twist of what used to be deemed only a dessert. To use it after Thanksgiving, simply add shredded cooked turkey and drippings for a delicious light entrée.  Bon appétit!

Editor's Note: Susan will be in Wellington Florida to visit Dec 25-January 2, and again Jan 28-Feb 1. Her daugter Illanah is a working student for Nancy Later. Need a chef for New Year's, or a special occasion? Contact Susan today.

  • Asparagus and Shitake Mushroom Bread Pudding – serves 6-8
  • Sweet Potato Souffle – serves 4-6