Give the Gift of Health This Year with Back on Track Products

Saturday, December 13, 2008
Posted by Christy


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It's long been said that if you've got your health, you've got everything. If that's the case, then nothing says you care more than a Back on Track gift for the holidays.

Back on Track products are the gifts that tell your friends and family, your horses and your dogs that you really care about how they feel.

And, right now, Back on Track is offering holiday specials on products with guaranteed delivery in time for Christmas if you order quick – that is, by Dec. 15. So get your order in because, as Back on Track Bo Lofvander says it best, "what better gift can you give to a friend, your dog or your horses than a pain-free life?"

One could say that Back on Track products are the choice of America's dressage Olympians considering that fans of Back on Track horse products include Steffen Peters, Debbie McDonald, Courtney King, Sue Blinks and Michelle Gibson. The products are just as popular with America's top show jumpers, including Beezie Madden, Ann Kursinski, McLain Ward and Chris Kappler.

Blankets, leg wraps and saddle pads are widely-used by riders and trainers who place the comfort of their horses above all else. Steffen Peters says he uses the Back on Track No Bow wraps and sheets and immediately noticed that his horses' backs stayed more supple and the legs were tighter. McDonald reports the same result with her horses, but is just as thrilled with the results she's seen on herself.

"I have tried a few of the human products – knee, brace and glove. I was amazed at how it helped with the inflammation, which helped with the paid. I recommend Back on Track products to anyone!" she said.



Developed in Sweden, Back on Track products combine modern science and textile production with Ancient Asian healing methods. The result of this combination was the development of a polyester fabric that has a ceramic powder melted into the threads. The ceramic reflects body heat as an infrared wave that provides a number of benefits. For one, it can ease muscle tension and warm muscles before people or horses start to exercise and that helps prevent muscle injury.

More importantly, the unique Back on Track fabric helps reduce inflammation and increase blood circulation. Inflammation is the body's response to injury and while that's a good thing initially, continued inflammation is not. By reducing inflammation and speeding the flow of blood to an injured area, Back on Track products help quicken the pace of recovery.

Blankets, leg wraps and saddle pads are widely-used by riders and trainers who place the comfort of their horses above all else. But it isn't just your horse that can benefit. Back on Track dog blankets can also help your dog recovery from injury and are the perfect holiday gifts for older dogs with arthritis. The dog blankets are widely used by owners and trainers of dogs involved in dog agility competitions. Marlena Knutsson, an agility trainer and instructor, found that Back on Track dog blankets were also great for helping dogs recovering from Lyme Disease. The blanket, she said, helped improve circulation in her dog, Obelix, and helped reduce the pain and stiffness associated with Lyme Disease.

Although widely used by people involved in competitive events in both the equine and canine world, Back on Track products aren't just for competition horses and dogs. They are the perfect gift for any horse or dog whose owner wants them to be more comfortable. And, they're also the perfect gifts for humans in need of comfort.

This year, you can give the gift of health to the friend who has everything else, Lofvander said. "A Back on Track product for the holidays is a perfect way to help friends and family feel better and what better way to start off the New Year than with better health?"

A product that makes you and your animals healthier and more comfortable? What more could one ask for this holiday season. Back on Track has it all – products aimed at reducing aches and pains and, for those in winter climates, products that will keep you warm enough to ride through the coldest temperatures. Back on Track long underwear and socks are so warm you might not even need expensive winter riding boots. So, learn why riders around the world have turned to Back on Track to help their horses, their dogs and themselves feel better. Read the testimonials and check out the latest research on Back on Track products at