Get to Know Tanner Korotkin: Three Ring Wellington Superstar

Friday, March 15, 2019
Posted by theplaidhorse.com


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Tanner Korotkin is an incredibly talented up and coming young rider who is making waves in all three rings. The Wellington-based young man is the son of Alan and Kirsty Korotkin, owners of Castlewood Farms.

In 2018, Korotkin won the Maclay equitation medal and was second place in the USET talent search competition (winning the jumper phase). He takes advantage of WEF being almost literally in his backyard, and especially enjoys competing in the U25 classes there.

Korotkin also received the Show Jumping Hall of Fame Style of Riding award at the Hampton Classic in 2018. This award is given to “the Junior Jumper rider who best exemplifies the American style of equitation as modeled by such Hall of Famers as Joe Fargis, Conrad Homfeld and George Morris. The recipient must demonstrate the dignified, courteous and workmanlike manner of a true sportsman.”

We caught up with Korotkin to learn about what keeps him and his horses going.

What’s your favorite thing about horses?

My favorite thing about horses is definitely forming a partnership with your horse and walking into the show ring.

Do you have a favorite horse to ride?

Hard for me to say I have a favorite horse to ride, however my horse Armageddon that I’ve been doing in several U25 classes is extremely competitive and I’m constantly looking forward to taking him back into the show ring.

What do you do to prepare yourself mentally for big classes?

I don’t really do much to prepare myself to show mentally, I’ve never really gotten nervous riding and I just think about jumping a solid round and what I need to do to be as successful as possible.

What do you enjoy working on when you’re schooling at home?

When we’re schooling at home, we love to set up some triple and double combinations to get our horses thinking about backing up and really focusing on their front end.

A lot of kids look up to you. What would you like to say to them?

Show jumping is hard, and there will be times where you’re completely discouraged and don’t think you’ll ever be good enough. Best thing to do is treat each class as a new one, learn from a mistake and move on to the next thing, never dwell on the past. I’ve got a ways to go myself, and you just have to tell yourself to keep pushing forward and bettering yourself each and every day.

What are you most proud of in your equestrian life?

So far I’m most proud of some of my Grand Prix placings and big equitation wins at shows such as Devon and WEF.

Tell us how you keep your horses so happy and healthy?

We use Summit Joint Performance because it keeps our horses feeling as good as possible; nothing else has had the same results as Summit and our horses have never felt better. Our horses all feel amazing, they are always feeling in top shape and ready to win thanks to Summit Joint Performance!

If you want to hear more from Tanner, check out the Plaidcast interview with him here at The Plaid Horse.

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