Germany Wins the Eventing Nations Cup at the CHIO Aachen

Sunday, July 18, 2010
Posted by Niels Knippertz


New Zealand Rider Andrew Nicholson Wins the DHL Prize

There were only three German team members left before the cross-country, since Dirk Schrade had to withdraw his horse King Artus, because he was lame. Nevertheless, the remaining three members of the team: Michael Jung with Weidezaunprofi’s River of Joy, Ingrid Klimke with FRH Butts Abraxxas and Andreas Dibowski with Euroriding Butts Leon managed to continue their winning streak at the CHIO Aachen, World Equestrian Festival.
“Of course we were under a lot of pressure because of the injured horse. We are very proud that we won here again,” reported the national coach, Hans Melzer. However, for the first time in the five-year history of eventing at the CHIO, the individual victory didn’t go to a German rider: Andrew Nicholson from New Zealand won the DHL Prize with the 9-year-old Nereo. “Nereo is a fantastic horse, I love riding him and have a lot of trust in him. I am very pleased with his performance, but I was disappointed with one of the judge’s scores in the dressage. I am sure the horses get better and better every year. And of course the horses gain more experience after tackling such a course,” commented Nicholson.

Second place went to Andreas Dibowski with the 13-year-old Euroridings Butts Leon. The 44-year-old just missed repeating his victory of 2009 with the mare Serve Well, who was retired from sport after the CHIO Aachen. The cross-country course was even more demanding than last year. Above all the tricky water jump came very fast. At the beginning of the course the horses often let themselves be easily distracted, so the water jump was one of the main difficulties. It wasn’t easy to finish in the time either,” Dibowski reported.

Dirk Schrade came third with his No. 2 horse Gadget de la Cere. : “Unfortunately, I was a tenth of a second over the optimum time. It was a shame that I couldn’t ride my top horse King Artus here. When I led him out of his stable after the dressage, he was lame. I had set my hopes on him. We will have him checked over in the clinic straight away on Monday. I hope it is nothing major. My goal is to compete in Kentucky with him and I also plan to take part at the German Championships, if he is fit.“

Michael Jung also achieved a better result with his no. two horse, Leopin, than with his top horse, Weidezaunprofi’s River of Joy. He claimed fourth place with the 11-year-old Legal Legend xx son. Unfortunately, Michael Jung had a refusal with Weidezaunprofi’s River of Joy. The Rubicell son ran-out at the corner jump of the Rolex Complex. Ingrid Klimke, who has just given birth to her second child, finished sixth. “Abraxxas already showed his potential in Luhmühlen and he confirmed that here. It was a demanding, but also a great course, and it was fun riding here.”

The Australian rider, Clayton Fredericks, was eliminated after falling from his horse at the Meydan Complex. His horse, Be My Guest, slid into the wall and destroyed the take-off element in the process with the result that the Meydan Complex had to be taken out of the competition for reasons of safety, because it couldn’t be repaired. A situation that has never occurred before, however the solution in such a situation is laid down in the rules and the ground jury reacted accordingly: The riders, who had already jumped the obstacle previously had five seconds deducted from their time.

“Before the competition got underway the riders had varying opinions about the course. The first riders rode more carefully. Of course the risk of making mistakes increases at the end when the riders fighting to take the victory,” explained Rüdiger Schwarz, the course designer.


Photo: Mark Todd with Chuckelberry