Gary Yeager: Choice of Champions International Made Good Choice by Sponsoring This Champion

Thursday, March 13, 2014
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Gary Yeager and Jouy En Sundae. (Photo courtesy of Hawk Wing Farm)
Gary Yeager and Jouy En Sundae. (Photo courtesy of Hawk Wing Farm)

Ocala, FL – Whether handling small ponies or strong horses, Gary Yeager has been proving his horsemanship skills wherever he goes. In the recent Grand Oaks Classic pleasure driving competition, Yeager was champion of his division. In the Nations Cup CDI Jog at the Global Dressage Festival, he was awarded Showchic’s Turnout Award. Yeager is proudly sponsored by Choice of Champions International, and he credits some of his showing success to the products he uses from this company. Gary Yeager owns Yeager Equine Services in Ocala, Florida, and also trains and teaches at TopSail Farm and the Sanctuary in Ocala. This eclectic horseman began showing Arabians at the age of five, and since has succeeded in such disciplines as saddleseat, hunt seat, stock seat and driving. Most recently, he is known for his driving success with American Miniature Horse Registry (AMHR) National Champions. Yeager’s current goal is “to reach as high as possible in the disciplines he competes in.”At the Grand Oaks Classic on February 14- 16, 2014, Yeager drove a New Forest Pony called Jouy En Sundae in the Utility Vehicle Division. Jouy En Sundae is owned by Virginia Cardenas. The pair did very well, placing in the top of each of the four classes in the division. In Pleasure Driving Turnout and Pleasure Driving Reinsmanship, Yeager came in second. He placed first in both Cross Country Obstacle and Fault & Out Obstacle. This earned Yeager the title of Division Champion for the Utility Vehicle Division.


Yeager was also awarded for his stylish jog in the Nations Cup CDI Jog at the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida last month. He jogged Zerbino Intergro, a Lusitano bred by Intergro Lusitanos of Brazil and owned by Johnny Robb. His fashionable ensemble was noticed by Showchic’s representatives, and they presented Yeager with the Showchic Turnout Award.

Diverse accomplishments like these make Choice of Champions International proud to sponsor Yeager. Yeager, in turn, loves Choice of Champions International’s products. “Ulcer shield is one of the most important parts of the program.” Yeager said about one of the supplements that the company offers. “It allows me to haul in and out of venues in high stress situations and not have to worry about my horse having issues adjusting to changes.” Another of Yeager’s most-used products is joint solution because of the way it benefits his horse. “The joint solution keeps him functioning to his peak potential, especially when grueling marathon conditions are extremely tough on these animals.” He explained. Other supplements that Choice of Champions International offers include Lung Aid, Easy Does It, and True Sweat.

To learn more about Choice of Champions International and what it offers, visit www.choiceofchamps.com or call (561) 307-1010 or (800) 868-1077.