Garden State CDE 2021 - Results, Information and Photos

Friday, October 8, 2021
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The final USEF Combined Driving National Championships of 2021 for the Advanced Single Horse and Advanced Four-in-Hand at the Garden State Combined Driving Event held October 7-10

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The 2020 National Champions from both divisions will be defending their titles at this year’s event. Taylor Bradish (Windsor, S.C.) and Katydid Duchess, a 2009 Welsh Pony cross mare owned by Jennifer Matheson, will return in the Advanced Single Horse division. Seventeen-time Advanced Four-in-Hand Horse National Champion Chester Weber (Ocala, Fla.) will also return to have a go at an 18th title.

Dressage - October 8, 2021

The driven dressage tests take place in a 40x80 meter court for advanced singles and 40x100 meter for four-in-hands and test a driver’s skill while evaluating the horses based on movement, quality, impulsion, obedience, and harmony.

Marathon - October 9, 2021

In the Combined Driving Marathon phase competitors navigate seven challenging obstacles across a 17-kilometer course designed by FEI Course Designer Richard Nicholl, on the Horse Park of New Jersey’s rolling fields. Each obstacle is timed individually and requires the athletes to navigate through a series of gates in a set order and direction, though competitors have the discretion to choose their own route within those parameters. During this phase, drivers are accompanied by a navigator who keeps track of time and helps the driver stay on course while also using their body weight to keep the carriage balanced around tight turns and terrain at high speed.

Cones Phase, October 10, 2021

The cones phase, the final phase of a combined driving event tests the accuracy and agility of the drivers guiding their horses through a timed course of pairs of cones that leave very little room for error.

Final Results - Complete

  • USEF Advanced Single Horse Combined Driving National Champion - Chester Weber (18th time)
  • USEF Advanced Four-in-Hand Horse Combined Driving National Champion - Taylor Bardish

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