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Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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General Questions:

Why was USEF Endurance Lite created?

USEF Endurance Lite was created as a program with the purpose of assisting both athletes and competition organizers in the transition to USEF-licensed competitions and growing the sport of endurance at a national level. The USEF Board of Directors approved the set of USEF Endurance Lite Rules, which lower certain financial and other barriers to entry for both athletes and endurance competition organizers interested in participating in USEF-sanctioned events, while maintaining a safe and level playing field for all.

What are the benefits of USEF Endurance Lite?

The USEF Endurance Lite program benefits competition organizers by having fewer requirements than the full USEF Endurance National competitions, which lowers financial barriers and staffing barriers to holding competitions. The USEF Endurance Lite rules are more in line with the rules of other organizations, which creates a more inviting environment to have the results recognized by other organizations. For athletes, there are no additional fees from USEF, which lowers the financial barriers of competing. This benefits the grass roots level of the sport and provides a stepping stone to move up to USEF National competitions and then on to FEI competitions for those riders that wish to ride internationally.

What are the benefits to full membership with the USEF?

Although full membership is not required to compete in USEF Endurance Lite rides, there are many benefits to registering for a competing membership with the USEF.  Please find detailed membership benefits here.

Where can I find the USEF Endurance Lite Rules?

You can find the USEF Endurance Lite Rules here. If you are looking for the USEF Endurance National Rules, those can be found here

How are USEF Endurance Lite rides recognized by other organizations?

USEF Endurance Lite rides cannot be run co-sanctioned with other organizations’ rides, but other organizations can recognize the results of USEF Endurance Lite rides.  

What does this mean for me?

For riders, this means that the ride is completely run under USEF rules for the day and you do not have to be a member of another organization to compete in the ride, even if another organization is recognizing the results. The benefit of having results recognized by other organizations is for those riders who are members of other organizations. These riders will be able to compete in one ride but have those results recognized by two organizations!

For Athletes:

Will my horse or I need to have a USEF membership to compete in USEF Endurance Lite?

No, there are no membership requirements to compete in USEF Endurance Lite rides.

What USEF fees do I have to pay when I compete?

There are no USEF fees for horses or riders who compete in USEF Endurance Lite rides.

How are my results tracked after competing in USEF Endurance Lite?

If you are a non-member and have not competed in USEF Endurance Lite competitions previously, then you and your horse will receive an ID number when the competition organizer submits the results of the ride to USEF following the competition. This ID number will remain with you or your horse and should be used at all USEF competitions once the ID number is issued. To find out your or your horse’s ID number, you can search the previous ride's results here.

What information will the USEF need from me in order to compete in USEF Endurance Lite?

The USEF will collect the following information from competition organizers for USEF Endurance Lite rides:

  • For athletes, the information needed is name, DOB, and address.
  • For horses, the information needed is name, owner name, DOB, sex, and color.

What competitions can be used for FEI Novice Qualifications?

All results must meet the requirements for novice qualifications as determined by the FEI.  These requirements can be found here.  In order to register with the FEI, all athletes must have an active competing membership with the USEF and horses must have a current USEF registration. Through 30th November 2021, all FEI Novice Qualifications can be achieved at any Federation-Licensed Competitions, including USEF Endurance Lite Competitions. Beginning 1st December 2021, at least one competition used for the FEI Novice Qualifications must be achieved at a USEF National Licensed Competition. Results achieved at AERC competitions, prior to 1st December 2020, may be counted toward FEI Novice Qualification as long as they meet the criteria determined by the FEI. The athlete and/or owner are responsible for providing the appropriate results information and validation, if requested, to the Federation for any AERC competitions being used for FEI Novice Qualification. USEF will recognize results from competitions licensed or recognized by the FEI-affiliated National Federation of that country: the athlete and/or owner are responsible for providing the appropriate results and verification that the competition was licensed or recognized by the National Federation.

For Competition Organizers:

What are the advantages to holding USEF Endurance Lite rides?

USEF Endurance Lite rides have fewer fees and fewer requirements for officials than full USEF National competition. This lowers the cost to running USEF-sanctioned events. The USEF Endurance Lite rules are in line with many other organizations’ rules, which invites other organizations to recognize the results of the USEF Endurance Lite rides. Having the USEF and other organizations recognizing the results will entice the membership of both the USEF and other organizations to submit entries for the ride.

What USEF fees must I pay, as a competition organizer, to host a USEF Endurance Lite ride?

The only fee to host a USEF Endurance Lite ride is a $50 license application fee.

How do I host a USEF Endurance Lite ride?

If you are interested in hosting a USEF Endurance Lite ride, please contact Hannah Gabbard, Competition Licensing Coordinator, at

If you have any additional questions regarding the USEF Endurance Lite Program please contact Steven Morrissey, Project Director of High Performance Programs, at