Frequently Asked Equine Insurance Questions

Monday, July 3, 2017
Posted by Tracey Scharf


Our office get calls every day from people who want information about Equine Insurance so I have compiled a list of 9 of the most frequently asked questions. If your question is not covered or you may require further information or assistance, please give us a call! Office hours are Monday – Thursday 9-4 & Fridays 9-1 EST. 1-800-572-3286, and we are always checking our e-mail - Insurance@horsesdaily.com. Even on weekends and while on vacation I monitor e-mails and phone messages. Markel also is available 24/7 for our clients. With Mary Phelps traveling to shows, farms, and events, you can always count on a real person, that would be me, manning our office. Do make note, that Mary is a fanatical e-mail checker as well, so if you need to contact her be sure to do so. mary@horsesdaily.com.

9 FAQ's we get in our office:
1. Does Markel have an after hours emergency service?
Yes. We are available after hours for emergency situations and can be reached by calling 800-446-7925. The answering service will page the on-call representative, who will contact you shortly thereafter.

2. Does Markel cover treatment for lameness?
As a general rule, yes. We pay up to 70% of the diagnostics and treatment related to lameness. We do not, however, cover intramuscular, intra-articular and/or intravenous injections of synovial fluid stimulators and/or replacers including, but not limited to, corticosteroids, Adequan, Hyaluronic Acid, Legend and any associated/related treatments.

3. When is it necessary to report a claim?
It is necessary to report a medical or surgical claim as soon as possible and a mortality claim immediately. If the horse is hospitalized, the policy requires we be notified within 24 hours of admission. This is very important, as the sooner we get the information, the better we can serve you. Our Claims Examiners will guide you through the claims process and explain your coverage so you can fully understand the policy benefits. The policy does not cover veterinary fees and expenses incurred more than 60 days prior to your notice to us.

4. Is there a time limit for sending bills in?
The policy requires that you file the vet report and the invoices within 90 days after the onset of the medical treatment.

5. Does the policy cover all medications?
The policy does cover most medications, however certain medications and/or treatments must have certain veterinary diagnostic tests done in order to be eligible for coverage (Ex. Gastrogard, Marquis). Please contact us if you have any specific questions about the condition for which your horse may be tested or treated.

6. Do you cover medication administered by anyone other than a licensed veterinarian?
Yes, as long as it is done under the direction of the treating veterinarian.

7. Should my veterinarian bill me or Markel for services rendered?
Since you are the customer, the bills should be directed to you. You may have a deductible or co-pay that is your responsibility, or the bill may include charges that the policy does not cover (i.e. report fees). Payments for covered charges will be issued promptly in the name of the policyholder.

8. Are alternative therapies covered by my policy?
Some alternative therapies may be considered for coverage, if performed at the direction of the treating veterinarian. Please contact us if you have a specific treatment you are considering.

9. My policy is due to renew in the near future and my horse is still treating for a medical/surgical condition. Does my coverage for related treatment end when the policy expires?
In most cases, it does not. Your Medical/Surgical coverage extends for a period of 90 days past the policy’s expiration date for conditions that onset during the policy period AND that are reported as required by the policy. Therefore, coverage for related treatment will extend for an additional 90 days. Any covered charges will be paid up to the limits of the expiring policy.

Your underwriter will review your horse’s current condition and his/her history and will make a decision whether to put an exclusion on your Medical/Surgical coverage for further treatment of the current condition, as it is considered pre-existing to the renewal policy.

Our Mortality coverage may also provide for Guaranteed Renewal of the policy with no exclusion, as well as a 90 day extension, which would provide coverage if the horse does become a candidate for destruction for humane reasons for a covered condition.

HorsesDaily's Mary Phelps (mary@horsesdaily.com) is a Markel Equine Insurance Specialist and CSR Tracey Scharf (tracey@horsesdaily.com) provide the personal attention needed to help make the lives of their clients smooth and easy when it comes to the process of insuring your Farm, business and equine mortality needs. While Mary travels to the shows and barns, you can count on Tracey in the office to be available to answer questions and manage the details with ease. 1-800-572-3286.