A Formula for Success: Innovation + Science + Research = Omega Alpha

Monday, December 15, 2014
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Twenty-two years ago, the Canadian herbal supplement company Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. stepped forward to lead the country in developing natural equine health products through research-based science. Combining science, research, herbs, and other natural ingredients Omega Alpha created their innovative, highly effective health products. Today, Omega Alpha still holds its position as a leading supplement manufacturer by using herbs and natural ingredients to improve horses’ health. Omega Alpha takes pride in being notably different from every other equine supplement company - a difference that is caused by its strong foundation in science, advanced formulas, and botanical ingredients. “We found out that it is okay to be different than all the other products on the shelf!” says Omega Alpha’s CEO and founder Dr. Gordon Chang, Ph. D. “In fact - our clients insist on it.”

The Toronto, Ontario company offers a wide selection of advanced products including joint supplements, calming supplements, muscle rehabilitating products, respiratory supplements, hoof supplements, detoxification products, wound liniment, hormonal supplements, energy supplements, and performance supplements.

Dr. Gordon Chang, Ph. D. expresses “Everybody has their own unique health issues. The philosophy of the company is to produce effective supplements through science. It’s not about the money; it’s about having products that are beneficial, useful, and effective for the end user.” Due to Chang’s extensive medical research background, it’s no surprise that his company has received numerous awards and recognition for its innovative use of herbal supplements in creating health products for humans, horses, and pets. Omega Alpha’s five product divisions— Consumer Health Products, Pet Health Products, Equine Health Products, Professional Naturopathic Health Products (Alpha Science LaboratoriesTM brand), and Professional Veterinarian Products (AlphaVet ScienceTM brand)— produce a total of over 300 different supplements.

Three-time dressage Olympian Ashley Holzer uses Omega Alpha with confidence
Three-time dressage Olympian Ashley Holzer uses Omega Alpha with confidence

All of the manufacturer’s products are extensively researched and tested before being placed on the market. Supplements undergo clinical evaluations by veterinarians, medical doctors, master herbalists, pharmacists, and naturopathic doctors. They are also tested in Omega Alpha’s on-site laboratories.

Omega Alpha’s products, which are known for having uniquely natural ingredients compared to many other supplements, have made believers out of several equestrians who are at the top of their sports. Three-time dressage Olympian Ashley Holzer explains “As a competitor and a trainer, I am acutely aware of the added stress competition adds to the rider and the horse. Omega Alpha is the company I turn to when I see that stress negatively impacting the performance. Their products not only work, they are easy to administer and the company completely stands behind their products. Each product is the result of years of research and testing. I am very cautious when it comes to my horses but with Omega Alpha I am sure they are getting the very best.”

Omega Alpha’s wide selection of supplements enables equestrians to find the perfect health products for their equines, or even for themselves. The company suggests using one of their popular digestive tract formulas, designed to relieve and prevent stomach problems and digestive issues, as a base supplement for all horses. These products can alleviate many common issues including sensitivity in the girth area, irritability, dislike of being groomed, weight loss, lack of appetite, and ulcers. A maintenance digestive tract formula called Gastra FX™ is available, as well as a support formula called Biotic 8™ and a formula called RegenerEQ™ that treats severe stomach issues. “All of the products are extremely palatable, especially the Gastra-FX. My horses would drink it out of the bottle if they could!” Says Canadian Eventing Team Silver Medalist Selena O'Hanlon.

With a digestive tract formula improving horses’ overall health, owners can focus on their animals’ specific needs. For horses that would benefit from joint supplements, effective products such as AntiFlam™, HA-180™, GLS Powder™, Tetda™, and Sinew-X™ are available. These supplements reduce pain and inflammation, promote healthy joint fluid, and also aid the bones and hooves. “Our sport is very demanding on our horses— especially on their muscles, joints, and ligaments. That is why I use Sinew-X as prevention to extend the career of my horses, and as a treatment to help them recover faster between competitions,” explains Hugh Graham of the Canadian Show Jumping Team.

Canadian dressage Olympian Belinda Trussell makes Omega Alpha supplements part of her horses daily routine.
Canadian dressage Olympian Belinda Trussell makes Omega Alpha supplements part of her horses daily routine.

During potentially stressful events such as trailering or showing, horses often benefit from Omega Alpha’s natural calming supplements. These include Chill™, Chill-Ultra™, and Gastra-FX Ultra™. Without hindering performance or causing lethargy, the products help horses focus on the task at hand and sooth their muscles and minds.

The company’s respiratory system supplements include Respi-Free™, Airwaves™, Lung Flush™, Herba Coff™, and Stasis™, and are used for functions such as supporting the airways and relieving breathing problems. Muscle function and recovery are improved through products like Equisel-Lyte™, MinerEQ™, and Muscle Gro™. Numerous other supplements are also available; including maintenance detoxification products for the lungs, liver, and kidneys; hormone balancer for mares, testosterone level increaser; coat conditioner; and energy supplements such as EnduraGin™ and EnduraForce™ to build strength and stamina.

To ensure that customers choose the ideal product and use it in a way that will be most helpful for them, Omega Alpha offers free education on equine health. The company’s teleseminars, webinars, and online classrooms regularly feature up-to-date information that is vital to horse owners and their equine partners. “Omega Alpha products are part of my horses’ daily routine. Their commitment to customer satisfaction through product education ensures your horse is getting the right supplements for the best performance!” comments Canadian dressage Olympian Belinda Trussell.

With over two decades of pharmaceutical and medical research, extensively tested products, a passion for improving the health of equines, expert educational opportunities, and natural ingredients, Omega Alpha Pharmaceuticals Inc. is a trusted and effective health product producer. The company is eager to assist humans and animals in reaching their full health, conditioning, and comfort potentials. The results of the unique and effective Omega Alpha product line is no longer a Canadian secret; U.S. riders are now some of the biggest proponents of the Omega Alpha products. Ashley Holzer sums it up by explaining, “Alpha Omega products work, they are show-ring safe and you can feel really good giving your horses a healthy edge.” That’s a formula for success that all riders and horse owners can appreciate!