First Day of the Compiègne CDI 3* 2014

Sunday, June 1, 2014
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Denise NEKEMAN (NED) / Boston STH, Winner in the Young Riders category. Photo by PSV Jean Morel
Denise NEKEMAN (NED) / Boston STH, Winner in the Young Riders category. Photo by PSV Jean Morel
Apart from the 26 couples in the CDI 3* (Small Tour) who competed at 9.00am Saturday, May 30th, the St Georges sponsored by the Agglomération de la Région de Compiègne, Friday has given way to young hopes of dressage. Like at the European Championships they will be competing this summer, the first day of competition for the Young Riders, Juniors and Pony Riders was devoted to team events. First to inaugurate the arena B at 8.30 am Saturday, the 29 Young Riders performed in front of five international judges (FRA, SWE, NED, RUS) including Maria Colliander (FIN), 4 star level judge who will officiate at the Young Riders Euro 2014. In the end, it is a 100 per cent female podium. The Dutch rider Denise Nekeman and her horse Boston STH, a 8 years old KWPN stallion, performed at 71.447% in front of Belgian Alexa Fairchild, with Timor, 2nd with 69.684%. Another Dutch rider finished in 3rd place, Rosalie Mol and Legend, with 69.500%; a couple who is already familiar with the Grand Parc stadium after winning the European championship last year. The best French performance is by Corentin Pottier with Gotcha finishing with 68.237% and taking the 5th place. Maria Colliander (FIN), President of the Jury: "For this first day, I saw some great performances since marks were between 71 and 72%. Certainly there were a few mistakes but it was a good level. The winnning horse (Boston STH) was perhaps a little tense, however, we noticed that it's a very good horse with great potential, very well ridden by his rider. I like judging the Young Riders. It's a very interesting category as we approach the highest level."

The Ponies category started at 9.30am Saturday in the arena C. After an event with 41 competitors, the European champion couple, Phoebe Peters and SL Lucci, who allowed Great Britain to get on the top step of the podium with 80.128%; another victory after the one in the Freestyle in Saumur last May. Veronique Van Der Panne and Rhyfedd Spike placed the Netherlands in 2nd place (73.120%) in front of Bethany Rose Horobin and Gigolo (GBR), 3rd with 72.949%. Léa Bonifay and Tim, best french couple finished in the 12th position (69.915 %).

Henning Lehrmann (GER, 3 star judge), President of the jury: "It's the first time I officiate in Compiègne. I must say that it's a wonderful event that meets all the conditions for the riders. We could judge high level competitors as there was about twenty riders over 70%. I put 83.590% for the winning couple because both were really fantastic. Nevertheless, they are all perfect sport ponies, it is a good marketing image for the sport."

19 couples took part in the 2.30pm event in the arena A. In the end, Jeanine Nekeman and Vlingh (NED) gained victory. The young bronze medalist at the European Junior Championship in 2013, Denise Nekeman' little sister (winner in the Young Riders) finished with 74.297 per cent. Pascale de Miranda and Bugatti also offered the Netherlands a 2nd place (72.189 per cent). Austria is third with Diana Porsche and Porsche's Eloy (70.595 per cent). In the French team, the best performance comes from Mathis Portejoie and Artisto W, 7th with 68.243 per cent.

Peter Holler (GER, future President of the Jury at the European Juniors Championship 2014), President of the Jury: "It was a pretty good level. The top 4 of the ranking have very promising performances for the Euro this summer. Vlingh (the winning horse) was beautiful, elegant, elastic, and perfectly ridden by his rider (Jeanine Nekeman). The second Bugatti has made a good impression, also with elasticity and good energy. This category was very interesting to judge because it's not easy to win in this arena. "