First Day In Belgium - Getting Settled in Europe

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Welcome to our new section in DressageDaily's "Features" - Mary's Daily Dish! We have been saving the launch for our Euro trip, the first one for us since 2005. Since buying our Kentucky property it has been hard for us to leave home but now that we are here we are in euro heaven. Feel free to follow us in our travels, as we add stories and photos daily (maybe)
Our first day was spent getting groceries (always fun to do in a different country) and settling into our huge room in Raf and Astrid's renovated 200 year old farm house. After a wonderful night’s sleep, day two is spent working with Astrid as we sat side by side on the sofa in her living room typing away on our laptops.

I just got finished my morning walk in the Belgian countryside, past farms, gardens and several horses in the fields which all came to the fence to greet me. JJ is helping Raf cement the walls of his second barn where he is adding four more stalls. Here is the first photo of our 2009 Euro tour.

I am in Belgium with my husband JJ. Hathaway at the home of Raf  and Astrid . We are still getting acclimated to the time change, and our first full day here was spent relaxing on the beautiful farm owned and operated by Raf. There are 15 acres of lush pasture, chickens, dogs, and even a pot bellied pig! If we had to leave our beautiful farm in Kentucky which is hard to do, this is the way to go!