FEI World Singles Driving Championships 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010
Posted by FEI Communications

Swiss Dominance and Girl-Power In The Marathon
Perfect conditions created a wonderful environment for the marathon of the FEI World Single Driving Championship in Pratoni del Vivaro, Italy. Undulating tracks on a green meadow and the obstacle site nicely embedded in the hilly landscape ensured great sport.
The eight obstacles built by Austria’s course designer Christian Iseli offered the competitors countless route options. Two of them included extra large water elements, built and flagged in a modern and horse friendly way.

Before the start of the World Championship, the possible hot weather conditions in the summer in Italy was much talked about, but it could not have been better today. Twenty-seven degrees Celsius was the highest temperature reached. The marathon was heavy, but fair and selective, absolutely ideal for World Championship competition.

A young Swiss driver took the marathon victory. With the 10-year-old Freiberg gelding Lukas, Lucie Musy-Comune not only drove fast, but also without mistakes and knock downs, which allowed the 25 year old reigning Swiss Champion to win the World Championship marathon honours. Second place also went to a Swiss driver. Michael Barbey drove his KWPN-gelding Solo V. fast through the obstacles, setting top ten times in seven obstacles.

The third place in the marathon went to Anders Hansen from Denmark. Hansen has represented his country at seven World Pairs and Single Driving Championships since 2003. The farm manager drove a fast course with his 11-year-old polish gelding Barslunds Kanton.

Germany’s Thorsten Zarembowicz has kept his lead in the individual standings after the dressage and the marathon. Zarembowicz came 18th in the marathon and is over 10 points ahead of Italy's Cristiano Cividini and the current World Champion Jan van den Broek from the Netherlands. Tomorrow’s final obstacle driving competition will decide which drivers and teams will bring home the medals. Germany leads the nations Cup, ahead of Switzerland and the Netherlands.

Lucie Musy-Comune (SUI):  “Lukas went superbly I own this horse since July 1st. He was my wedding gift and I have now won the World Championship marathon with him. It was a great feeling to drive here and he remained top fit until the last obstacle. We were fast enough and we had no knock downs, so we won!"

Michael Barbey (SUI):  “The marathon was very good, everything went perfectly. I had a good feeling already at the first course inspection. Christian Iseli has built the obstacle very open and varied, that was ideal for my horse."

Anders Hansen (DEN):  “I started this marathon with great respect. My horse was in top condition; he did not even sweat until the third obstacle. Unfortunately I had one knock down, this was one too many and this cost me the victory, but I am happy."

Course Designer Christian Iseli (AUT):  “The most important thing is that we did not have any accidents. The drivers used the many possible options, which I had created for them and it was a very selective competition. Many of the 35 knockdowns were knocked down and have made an essential contribution to the competition results. My intention is to get the drivers not just to drive at full speed, but to drive with their heads!"

Individual standings after dressage and marathon:
Thorsten Zarembowicz (GER) 108,19
Cristiano Cividini (ITA) 118,42
Jan van den Broek (NED) 118,82
Mareike Harm (GER) 121,19
Rudolf Pirhofer (AUT) 122,35
Henrik Hoper Nielsen (DEN) 122,53
Bartolomiej Kwiatek (POL) 122,68
Anne-Violaine Brisou (FRA) 124,18
Michael Barbey (SUI) 124,36
Christoph Dieker (GER) 124,86

Nations Cup standings after dressage and marathon:
Duitsland 229,38
Zwitserland 246,37
Nederland 246,75
Denemarken 249,72
Oostenrijk 250,45

Results marathon:
Lucie Musy (SUI) 65,82
Michael Barbey (SUI) 66,38
Anders Hansen (DEN) 66,77
Ben Simonsen (FIN) 67,41
Cristiano Cividini (ITA) 68,24
Henrik Hoper Nielsen (DEN) 68,64
Oivind Mikkelsen (NOR) 69,57
Rudolf Pirhofer (AUT) 70,00
Anne-Violaine Brisou (FRA) 70,04
Francisco Folque (POR) 70,05

Photo caption:  Lucie Musy-Comune (SUI) won the World Championship marathon at Pratoni del Vivaro (c) Hippoevent