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Wednesday, March 28, 2018
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The youth session of the FEI Sports Forum 2018. (Left to right): Eventing: Thaïs Méheust (FRA), Jumping: Edouard Schmitz (SUI), Para Dressage: Gemma Rose Jen Foo (SGP), Driving: Martin Hölle (HUN), Vaulting: James Hocking (AUS)
Reining: Tabitha Sternberg-Allen (GBR), Dressage: Juan Matute Guimón (ESP)

The seventh edition of the FEI Sports Forum 2018, held at the International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Lausanne (SUI) this week is now available to view on replay If you missed our live stream coverage, you can watch the entire replay right now on the following links:

Session 1: YOG 2018 and the Future
The IOC’s Antoine Goetschy presented on the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), talking about the importance of encouraging participating in sport and how central YOG is to that goal. It helps shape the future of sport. See more on this session here

Session 2: Youth
Youth was the focal point of the first day of the FEI Sports Forum, with a dynamic panel of eight successful youth athletes from around the world representing all disciplines debating a wide range of topics during three separate sessions. This was the first time in the seven-year history of the FEI Sports Forum that the multi-faceted subject of youth has been tackled in such an-in-depth manner. See more on this session here

Session 3: Athlete Welfare
FEI Legal Director Mikael Rentsch introduced the session on Athlete Welfare, talking about harassment and abuse and the recently released IOC toolkit. Guest speakers, Kirsty Burrows (GBR), Consultant on Athlete Safeguarding and Susan Greinig, IOC Medical Programmes Manager gave a clear definition of what harassment and abuse is, as well as explaining the toolkit which the IOC has put in place and how everyone in sport can adapt to safeguard and protect, not only our athletes, but all those involved in sport. See more on this session here

Session 4: Eventing Risk Management
David O’Connor (USA), FEI Bureau Member and Chair of the Eventing Committee, gave an update on the FEI’s Eventing Risk Management programme, presenting the updated 2017 statistics which show that numbers of competitions and numbers of starters have increased significantly and, importantly, numbers of fallers continue to decrease. See more on this session here

Session 5: FEI Officials
Since the Working Group on FEI Officials began its work 18 months ago, 13 recommendations for improvements to the appointment, education, and evaluation of FEI Officials have been developed. Mark Samuel (CAN), FEI 2nd Vice President and Chair of the FEI Officials Working Group provided an update on progress, details of which are available in the supporting document "The Recommendations". See more on this session here

Session 6: Optimising performance in a challenging climate
John McEwen (GBR), Chair of the FEI Veterinary Committee, opened the session on optimising performance in a challenging climate, outlining best practice and management of horses and humans in hot weather. See more on this session here

Session 7: FEI dressage judging working group findings
The final session of the FEI Sports Forum 2018 featured a presentation on the findings of the Dressage Judging Working Group. See more on this session here

All supporting documents of the sessions are available to download here

Executive Summaries will be published on 10 April 2018.