FEI Partners with Camera Equipment Company MOVE’N SEE

Friday, November 16, 2018
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The FEI has signed a three-year agreement with French camera equipment company MOVE’N SEE, famous for its Pixio auto-follow camera used for equestrian sport training since its launch in 2015.

The new partnership sees Pixio become FEI Dressage Official Supplier and Official FEI Campus Sponsor, a relationship geared towards improving training in Dressage.

This collaboration marks another step forward in the FEI’s commercial and marketing strategy, which emphasises the FEI’s governance of seven unique sports – including Olympic and non-Olympic disciplines – all of which have their bespoke characteristics, positioning and target audiences. The strategy has been in place since November 2017, following the FEI General Assembly in Montevideo (URU).

Pixio Camera System“Pixio’s international reach and taste for innovation falls perfectly in line with the platform the FEI is able to offer as well as our continued embrace of the latest technologies”, FEI Commercial Director Ralph Straus said. “It is the only robot camera able to film both indoor and outdoor with unrivalled tracking and zooming features. Since its launch, the product has proven to help athletes, breeders and coaches in various scopes through lessons, competitions, sales and even live streaming for distant coaching.”

The relationship between Pixio and FEI Campus, the FEI’s cutting-edge free e-learning platform, came as a result of the shared educational mission and training orientation, with both parties set to collaborate on bespoke projects moving forward.

“We really identified with the FEI’s discipline approach, which corresponds perfectly with how our customers are using Pixio most of the time: enriching their technical debrief, sharing, and taking lessons through internet with a distant coach”, MOVE ‘N SEE founder Eric Willemenot said. “With Pixio auto-follow cameras now being sold in more than 40 countries, and the FEI able to offer us a bespoke package focused around our specific needs, meant that this was the right time for us to step up our global exposure in equestrian sport.”