Feedback Needed For Glen Willow Summer Driving Series

Monday, November 23, 2015


Planning for the 2016 Glen Willow Summer Series has been started, Hannah Polson, the show manager of the popular schooling shows is looking for some feedback. Currently she is working on the event schedule and selecting dates.

I will be making a few changes to next years events, one of them is a small cost increase for the shows, this will allow me to pay my cones judge. In the past I have asked/twisted someones arm into doing that job. If it becomes a paid position that is one less volunteer I need and it allows that person/volunteer to show if desired.

I am also entertaining the idea of offering a 100 meter ring. This would allow those of you who want to show multiples the ability to do so. It will also allow those competing at Intermediate the ability to show in the large ring. This will be a bit of a difficulty schedule wise with the ring change. If I do not receive enough feedback to justify this it will not happen.

There have been some requests and interest for a driving derby series, so I am looking into this.

Volunteers are something I have had a problem with the last two years and am looking at ways to think outside the box to solve this problem. This might take several forms; another cost increase to ‘pay’ for some, a entry fee discount to those of you who provide one or more volunteers for part of or a whole show, or something else entirely. This year I was a bit of an over achiever with the clinics and they did not get the response I was hoping for, so if I organize a clinic in 2016, it will most likely be one day with one clinician.

Now onto the the subject of late entries. I have been accommodating with late entries the last two years. I have tried to give plenty of notice for closing dates. This year I will be less forgiving with this, as late entries make my job more difficult when I make the time schedule. Closing date means closing date.

Hannah Polson: polshanb@gmail.com