FBW Kennedy Passed Away Last Night

Friday, February 4, 2011

We just heard from Robert Dover, announcing the sad news that his former 2004 Olympic Mount, FBW Kennedy passed away last night, in his stall where he has been enjoying his retirement in Millbrook, New York. Denmark's 2002 Dressage Team horse with former owner Lone Jorgenson was purchased by Jane Clark for the USA, and competed by Robert Dover in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games. He then went on to be the break through horse for longtime assistant to Dover, Catherine Bateson Chandler before being happily retired.
"It is with great sorrow that I must report the passing of FBW Kennedy, the 4-legged love of my life and that of all of those who knew him." Robert posted on doversworld.com. Kennedy was absolutely the smartest horse I have ever known and he knew he was loved from the time that his wonderful owner and trainer, Lone Joergensen, purchased him, making him into one of the world’s greatest competitors, throughout the time that he brought me the best results of my career and until the last moment of his life."
See a history of Kennedy photos at phelpsphotos.com. Search the free search by>Name of Horse>FBW Kennedy

"Last night, he was given his usual treats at night-check and the vet said that he apparently died quietly during the night from either heart failure or an aneurism as the stall showed no sign of any distress whatsoever. FBW Kennedy was 21 years old and I guess we should all be blessed to become old and die quietly in our sleep. Still, I feel broken hearted not to have him around to pet and feed carrots and I hope he will be remembered as he was, one of the greatest Dressage horses ever who brought Lone Jorgenson, me, Katherine and Jane Clark the most unbelievable joy as well as the greatest success for ourselves and our countries!"