Favorite Horses

Wednesday, February 9, 2011
Posted by Holly Jacobson

A. Whit Watkins - Dressage Trainer/Rider

Whit has bred, raised, and trained several horses to competitive success through the FEI levels as an adult amateur and as a professional. Chado, a Holsteiner/TB cross (Sire: Constitution), was Whit’s first Grand Prix horse as an Adult Amateur and a homebred to boot. “To breed, raise, and train to the Grand Prix, was an amazing journey. We both learned so much and had a remarkable competition record, as well.”

With Lilac, a Trakehner (Chrysos x Libella V, dam sire: Condus), Whit was able to mold a 3-year-old and progress through the levels up to Intermediate-1 with much success as an amateur. Whit describes her as the most powerful horse she ever rode. Lilac stood out as a star, dynamic and a strong character, a powerhouse to sit on. She provided Whit with another thrilling, educational journey. “She always focused and organized, when you asked for a medium or extended trot you felt like you were flying, it was a fabulous feeling.”

About Marin, a Trakehner (Leonidas x Maja , dam sire: Abdullah), she says, “Developing a fabulous to ride, dramatic dressage mount is always inspiring.” Again, Watkins took a barely started two-year old all the way to fourth level before she got injured. The opposite of Lilac, she calls Marin, “ the most elegant, sophisticated, responsive and electric to ride.”

With her second successful FEI homebred, Miciah, a Trakehner (Leonidas x Meriah, dam sire: Erzsand), who was particularly sensitive, Whit says, “I relearned the lessons of persistence and patience. He was very talented, most elegant and refined, an overachiever to the max.”

Whit wasn’t looking to buy but while attending a clinic in Colorado, she checked out a few young, green recent imports. Cipriani’s elastic movement on the longe attracted her but it was the “fun” factor element and responsiveness in his ride that made Watkins empty her bank account. “He’s a sweetheart, has a brain, he wants to be your best pal.”

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