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Sunday, October 9, 2022
Posted by Mary Phelps - A Markel Equine Insurance Specialist Since 2003



Message from Mary Phelps - Markel Equine Insurance Specialist

Are you involved in instruction and training and/or having horses owned by others in your care custody and control? If you are in any way you need the right liability coverage. 

Liability coverage is very important for the protection of your equine business. I am here to help you navigate the process using the fast and easy form that will help me to personally discuss with you your needs when it comes to protecting your equine business. 

Photo: Here I am with one of my ponies as we prepare to ship to Europe in 2019 where we competed at the FEI World Driving Championships for Ponies. 

With Mary Phelps You Get the Markel Team

I am very proud to be an equine insurance specialist with Markel, since 2003. Markel has over 50 years of expertise insuring horses, farms, and horse-related businesses. The Markel Style, coupled with our long-term horse association relationships and commitments to the horse industry, allow us to remain close to our customers, and their insurance needs.

When you are with Markel, you are with the Markel Team, your direct underwriters, and not a third party agency. We are your advocates and are here to advise and protect your interests.

Our Commercial Equine Liability policy is intended to cover liability arising out of the applicant's commercial and / or personal equine operation only. 

Easy Peasey

So fill out this from, it just takes a few minutes and you will be hearing from either myself or my team here to help in person.

  • Link to Form - This will give us some basic information so we can personally follow up with you to discuss your needs and answer any questions.
  • Commercial Equine Liability Application - Ready to just get it done? Here is the fillable (and printable form) we will need to complete and submit
  • Want to Learn More? - Here is Markel's Liability Flyer giving more detailed info

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