FarmVet and the Equestrian Aid Foundation Team Up for Charity this Saturday July 27!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Equestrian Aid Foundation Day at FarmVet is fast approaching - Saturday, July 27! A portion of the proceeds from sales on this day will be donated to EAF. All sales are included from the FarmVet trailer at the Kentucky Summer Series show, online at FarmVet.com or by calling 888-837-3626. We would like to thanks everyone for participating as this great event has raised over $19,000 for EAF since 2008 with nearly $1,500 at the last EAF/FarmVet day! Please note that any order made before Saturday July 27, 2013 can be held in order for EAF to be given credut for your purchase! For more information visit FarmVet.com, the EAF website and visit on Facebook at FarmVet and Equestrian Aid Foundation!