Farm Safety: Part 3

Monday, September 12, 2022
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In our new series, which began a few weeks ago; we will provide ideas each week on ways to protect people, horses, and property on your farm. Besides saving lives and protecting property, using these guidelines can help you qualify for lower insurance premiums.

In last week’s “Markel Monday” we went over some ideas on Machinery Safety & Maintenance. This week we will go over Liability Concerns. When you own or operate an equestrian operation, your biggest worry is that someone may be injured. By maintaining some basic “Farm Rules” (which should be posted as a reminder), hopefully your exposure will be reduced.

Liability Concerns:
1. “Visitors” should not be allowed near animals without supervision and/or permission. Post signs advising visitors of this requirement.
2. Post signage advising “visitors” of areas that are restricted and off limits.
3. Only experienced personnel should be allowed to operate machinery or equipment. Children and visitors should stay clear of moving machinery. Machinery should not be left unattended.
4. All swimming pools or ponds should be fenced with self-locking gates to prevent the unsupervised entry of children, animals or visitors.
5. The premises should have well lit walkways or entrances to eliminate trip and fall exposures. The premises should be free of debris. Steps with side rails and sidewalks should be in good condition. Periodically inspect rails to ensure they are secure.
6. Parking lots should be in good condition and any holes should be filled immediately to avoid trip and fall hazards.
7. Periodically inspect public use restrooms for hazards and clean accordingly. Keep a consistent log of your inspection times.
8. Post “Warning” signs on stall doors of horses with a known vice or other odd habit.
9. Be sure that anyone around horses knows basic safety procedures.
10. Dogs should be confined during activities such as riding instruction or training. Dogs have become an increasing hazard for homeowners. The insured should know all dogs on his premises and watch them around strangers or for unusual behavior.

Mary Business CardBesides saving lives and protecting property, using these guidelines can help you qualify for lower insurance premiums. Insurance costs less for people who use safety guidelines because they have fewer losses. While safety can help you save money on your premium, insurance remains a necessity for every farm and business.

Liability and property coverage help to protect your assets and keep you in business in the event of a loss. Mary Phelps an Equine Insurance Specialist with Markel can provide this protection. Please contact our office today! 800-572-3286, or

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