For Famous Mystery Write Tami Hoag Her Not So Secret Life is Dressage

Thursday, April 16, 2009

World renowned mystery writer Tami Hoag is enjoying her other not so secret life in her tenth year in the sport of dressage.  In 1999 she began training with Betsy Steiner, and competing with her first dressage horse, a handsome chestnut gelding named D’Artagnon.  Ten years later, she is still training with Steiner, but her focus is on another handsome chestnut.  Rush Hour 4 (aka Robbie), an 11 year-old Hannoverian gelding has just moved up to the Grand Prix level, and is off to a solid start with scores in the 60’s at both the Palm Beach Derby and Zada Cup competitions.  “He’s green, but he’s gaining confidence every time out,” says Hoag.  “I can ask a little more of him with every test.”

photocredit: - Tami Hoag, Johnny Robb, and Joli Burrell

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