Famous Equine Photographer Bob Langrish Back in the USA

Friday, February 11, 2011
Posted by bossmare

If you ever bought a horse calendar or greeting cards of horses running free more than likely the photo credit was for Bob Langrish. A longtime friend and colleague, Bob Langrish is back in America after a recent tour of Australia. Recently Bob was awarded a M.B.E.–officially called The Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, by Great Britain’s Queen Elizabeth. After spending sometime in Wellington he has ten days scheduled in Ocala, another horse heavy region of Florida. Bob and I had our first photos taken together in Luhmuehlen 1982 (I’ll find it someday) and then updated it last night at the PREUSA party for competitors, PREUSA members, and the FEI Judges in town for an FEI Forum.

After 38 years of specialization in this field, Langrish has built an equestrian photographic library of over 400,000 pictures covering all aspects of the horse. He has completely illustrated well over 100 books and has contributed to over 200 others. He is most famous for his stunning pictures of horses running free especially Arabians and Andalusians.

He has taken photographs at six Olympic Games and travels to the United States of America at least 7 times a year and has flown 1.50 million miles in the last 14 years for calendar photography and adds 20,000 new images to his library annually. He works for top equestrian magazines in more than 20 countries around the World.
Bob Langrish MBE lives in a 17th century Cotswold barn conversion. His international business is based a few miles away in a 17th century stone building - once the local courthouse - in a small village called Bisley, deep in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Bob is a totally self-taught photographer and uses digital for all of his work. He uses Canon EOS 1D MK IV cameras and lenses from 15mm - 500mm.