Family Life

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Cindy Sydnor

The Sydnors’ eldest son, Rusty, is married and living in Ronan MT where he works as a Restoration Ecologist, which means that he restores damaged lands and rivers.  Cindy says she and her husband are excited that he is hoping to move back to North Carolina from Montana soon to participate in the family’s farming operation in Snow Camp.

Their younger son, Chad, is in flight school in Fort Rucker, Alabama where he is learning to fly Blackhawk helicopters! His mother is not as thrilled about this as he is. Last year he graduated from Campbell University Law School, passed the Bar Exam, and worked for the District Attorney in Raleigh for almost a year.

With her children now grown, Cindy has more time for riding, teaching, and competing, and even has a few hobbies: "Gardening and cooking are peaceful diversions; I play the piano a little bit, and listen to books on tape. A few of my favorite authors are Annie Proulx, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Kay Gibbons."

A major interest for the entire family is that their Braeburn Farm and Cane Creek Farm are developing the farming operations which include Grass Fed Beef (Breed: Red Devon/Angus and pure Red Devon), Ossabaw hogs, chickens, ducks, goats, lambs, and a big vegetable garden.  They have a farm store now and sell their products at several local farmers' markets and to quality restaurants.

“My husband, Charles, loves this operation and it keeps us all busy,” says Cindy.  “Eliza is also interested in the farming and farmers' markets and is very good at it.”